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    greatest challenges law enforcement faces in today’s age is public scrutiny. Law enforcements actions are being placed under the proverbial microscope on an unprecedented scale and only from a single view point, what the media chooses to display. Often times the public will make snap judgments against law enforcement based solely on what they see from a 60 second news clip. While law enforcement cannot control misguided views from media sources, law enforcement can influence the reaction from the public we serve. Law enforcements first objective is to build a strong foundation of trust amongst the citizens. This can be accomplished by conducting business in a transparent manner. Concealing internal investigations or appearing to…

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  • Law Enforcement Interest

    Ever since I was a child I have always taken interest in the law enforcement field. I’ve never really thought about making my dream become a reality because it just seemed like it was too much for me to pursue at the time. I've really put a lot of thought into it when I was in the process of choosing my major. Out of everything that I could’ve chosen to study in I still had a lot of interest in the law enforcement field. I would much rather study in something that I take interest in rather than…

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  • Legitimacy In Law Enforcement

    Building trust and legitimacy is vital to foster relationships between law enforcement and the community as well as relationships between supervisors and officers within law enforcement agencies. Since the 1990’s, policing has become more effective, more organized, and better equipped to efficiently handle crime (The President's Task Force on 21st Century Policing, 2015). The principle of trust and legitimacy is foundational to the success of 21st century policing. Integral concepts like…

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  • Law Enforcement Goals

    officer at Lavergne Police Department. Once I graduated the Tennessee Law Enforcement Training Academy, completed the field training program, and gained some experience on patrol, it seemed that nearly all of the goals I had worked so hard toward had been marked off of my checklist. Now, it is time to develop more goals. The public attitude toward law enforcement has changed dramatically since years ago when I was just a child dreaming of…

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  • Trust In Law Enforcement

    Trust, in a community, is essential when it comes to law enforcement. Without trust, we won’t really feel protected in our neighborhood. To avoid this conflict, the law enforcement has worked together with the community to create programs integrating the public with the police force. One of the many existing programs to encourage this is NCPAA. Or, the National Citizens Police Academy Association. In this organization, the main objective is to have the community in regulations and have a better…

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  • Local Law Enforcement

    State and local law enforcement should be utilized in matter concerning homeland security the utilization of these states and local agency shows the willingness from the federal government to share information and work together. For example if there is a terrorist threat in a Las Angles, CA and the Department of Homeland Security knows about it and does not share the information with the local law enforcement this can lead for mass confusion and chaos with in the city. The local law enforcement…

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  • Law Enforcement Career

    police officer or detective that the dispatchers located and call to save someone's life. Law Enforcement could be your calling, just take note of all the requirements and complications that come from joining the Law Enforcement career. Taking on police officer duties obligates you to be ready for any and everything. It starts off with having a desire to save and protect people of your community at any stage of life. Once you have the desire, find what department you are interested in and build…

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  • Police Subculture In Law Enforcement

    much the same throughout all the law enforcement careers throughout the world. The police subculture is a distinctive set of beliefs, values, attitudes, and behaviors that are shared amongst the majority of officers working in law enforcement organizations (Malmin, 2012). The subculture is taught to new recruits from the first day they arrive at the academy to the last day. This subculture follows them from that point on throughout their career in law enforcement. There is a code of silence…

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  • The Role Of Technology In Law Enforcement

    Technology has come a long way in enabling individuals with access to the world wide web, telephoning, email and so forth, but the advancements made in law enforcement go beyond these avenues. In the 1920’s and 30’s, crime reports were kept on index cards, filled away in cabinets because there were not any online data collecting abilities at the time. With the invention of computers and software programs, all of that data had to be collected and imputed for reference. Today, with just a click…

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  • Issues In Law Enforcement

    was not for the hand of the law. Apart of the hand of the law is law enforcement or police officers, which are officers sworn to protect and severe the citizens of the United States great society. (Ortmeier, 7/2005, p. 14) Having laws without people to enforce them or allow people to take the law into their own hands, has had significant issues in the past. (Ortmeier, 7/2005, p. 7) Within the United States law enforcement is divided into three major divisions, who are all responsible for protect…

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