Law Enforcement Goals

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school I embarked on a journey to obtain my Bachelor’s degree in criminal justice in order

to make myself more marketable to local police departments. With plenty of hard work, I was

able to achieve that goal in only 3 years with a GPA of 3.6, while also participating in college

athletics. Shortly afterward I was hired on as a patrol officer at Lavergne Police Department.

Once I graduated the Tennessee Law Enforcement Training Academy, completed the field

training program, and gained some experience on patrol, it seemed that nearly all of the goals I

had worked so hard toward had been marked off of my checklist. Now, it is time to develop more


The public attitude toward law enforcement has changed dramatically since years ago

when I was just a child dreaming of
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Many officers who do obtain a higher education move on to careers in state or

federal law enforcement. I personally have a passion specifically for local law enforcement, and

feel that there is a tremendous need for local patrol officers to become more educated. After all,

local police departments are the very roots of the entire justice system in the United States. These

are the agencies that need and deserve much more focus. I plan to use my graduate degree to

help improve my local agency and other local agencies as well.

I am eager to begin my journey toward a Master’s degree at Bethel University and am

ready to begin working toward that goal. Bethel University gives a unique opportunity for law

enforcement officers like me to have the ability to obtain an education without creating an

inconvenient strain on their careers. I am thankful to have the opportunity to work toward a new

goal while continuing on, uninterrupted, in the career I love. As a law enforcement officer and as

someone who is constantly striving to better herself, my work will never be through. I will

forever be focusing my efforts toward the next goal. I am prepared to begin earning a

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