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  • Cat In The Rain By Ernest Hemingway Analysis

    Readers are capable of seeing it in their minds. When it comes to the War Monument, it commemorates the memory of Italian soldiers who died for their country during World War I. The War Monument is a symbol for sacrifice and death. Therefore it can reflect the couple’s ruined and lifeless relationship. Next, the title “Cat in the rain” has a full panoply of meanings, it is ambiguous. Some readers may think that this title is not complicated, because it literally means that there is a small, poor cat in the rain. On the other hand the poor cat could be identified with the wife. The animal should be described as “it”, but in the text the wife portrays the cat as “she”. Moreover, the cat is alone, no one takes care of this pet. The wife sees herself in this cat due to her bad relations with the husband. Neither he looks after her nor he worries about her needs. She feels isolated and rejected. The wife does not have love and attention and she thinks that the cat gives these feelings to her. When she does not find the cat she expresses strong desire to have a cat and other things which give her…

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  • I Carry Your Heart

    The poem, I Carry Your Heart by E.E. Cummings and the short story, A Cat In the Rain, were both written during the lost generation. In the poem, I Carry Your Heart, the theme is nothing can stand in the way of true love is shown throughout the poem. In the short story, A Cat In the Rain, the theme of dissatisfaction and isolation is revealed throughout the story. However, both show the theme of powerlessness. In this poem, I Carry Your Heart, by E.E. Cummings,the theme of “nothing can stand…

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  • Dysfunctional Relationships In Richard Ford's Short Story 'Under The Radar'

    seen is in the short story “Cat in the Rain” by Ernest Hemingway. The story revolves around the wife’s attempt to rescue a cat under a table in the rain. In the process she reveals the emptiness in her life and the emotional distance between her husband and herself. Hemingway displays the wife as a wandering woman. She starts off looking out the window when she then spots a cat under a table in the rain. She decides to rescue the cat even though her husband shows the minimal interest when he…

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  • The Struggle For Love In Faulkner's A Rose For Emily

    half for eternity. Seeking and pondering the complexions of love and unity causes individuals to occasionally go insane, or find what most human search for their whole life. It is the very abstract four letter word that wrecks havoc on hearts and souls. The stars, which have existed for centuries have even prayed and hoped for love to be found as one wishes for it. When individuals cannot find love, they settle for the next best thing, or whatever they can get, often times, sacrificing who they…

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  • Summary: Trixie The Model

    Trixie the Model Trixie was an isolated pup, but all of that happened a long time ago. Things have looked up for her since then. She now has a happy, healthy home. Trixie lived in a compact “cell” in the Los Angeles Shelter. She was a gawky, grimy, and “supposedly gray” dog. Until one fortunate day. It was raining cats and dogs outside of the Los Angeles Shelter. It was a humid, cold, rainy day, with a slight breeze. One young couple, Laura and John Swanson, stumbled inside to find respite…

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  • Analysis Of Nikki Adams And The Limits Of Gender Criticism By Ernest Hemingway

    Many of Hemingway’s stories focus on conflicted relationships and the roles that men and women play in it. Stories such as “The End of Something”, “Cat in the Rain”, and “Hills like White Elephants” all share those characteristics. In various short stories, Hemingway depicts the theme of masculine yet juvenile men’s desire for control while also manifesting the female characters’ wish to settle down. Over time, many critics have debated whether Hemingway was a misogynist or if any of his male…

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  • Free Narrative Essays: Rainy Days And Mondee

    Rainy Days and Mondee “It’s raining again!? When will it stop?!” I imagine my dog saying this line every time it’s raining. You see, Mondee hates rainy days! He would sit by the windowsill, look at the rain, grumble and sigh loudly. Poor Mondee! Well, staying indoors three days straight can do that to you. You see, Mondee is an outdoor type of dog. The moment he wakes up, he would go outside to do his business and play! Chasing cats is the favorite exercise of Mondee. (Thank goodness the cat…

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  • The Undeniable Narrator In The Black Cat By Edgar Allan Poe

    Where the rain falls down on the shadows of an insignificant town, people squirm inside their homes to take shelter from the rain. This dismaying observation displays a manor of ghoul and delight, broadcasted onto the dark souls of many people comprised with twisted minds. In the Edgar Allan Poe short story, “The Black Cat”, the traits relayed by the fallen rain are permanently resided inside of the mind of the unnamed narrator. In “The Black Cat”, the unnamed narrator is a psychotic and cruel…

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  • Ernest Hemingway Ambition

    The American wife stood at the window looking out and saw this cat right under their window, crouched under one of the dripping green tables. The cat was trying to make herself so compact that she would not get dripped on. The American wife told her husband that she was “going down to get that kitty” (Hemingway 1). When the wife went downstairs, she opened the door and looked out. It was raining harder than it was before she had gotten down there. She stood at the door thinking that she could go…

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  • Destructive Relationships

    The short story “Cat In The Rain” written by Ernest Hemingway reveals the destructive relationship between an American couple. The American woman is neglected by her husband, George, and because of this she begins to feel attracted to the Padrone she meets in a hotel. The story reveals the needs of the American “girl” and show what she truly desires. In “The Yellow Wall-Paper” written by Charlotte Perkons Stetson, the story in summary is about how the main girl character whose husband, John,…

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