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  • Negatives Of Homework

    Much Homework In today’s age, students consider homework more of an annoyance than school bullies and cafeteria mystery meat (Hancock 1). How much homework students receive each night is a topic that has been getting a great deal of attention lately. In a survey of 79 sophomores at Nerinx Hall High School on March 26th, 2015, fifty six percent of the participants’ responded saying they did two or more hours of homework the night before. It is also interesting to note that only six percent responded saying they completed an hour or less than one hour of homework the night before (Mannion). While doing two or more hours of homework each night seems like an achievable task, teachers need…

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  • Limiting Homework

    whether homework should be shortened continues to be a controversial topic. According to research done at the University of Michigan, over the past thirty years the amount of homework students receive have doubled (Ansari). This has affected many kids across the nation. The United States should mandate teachers to limit the amount of homework assigned each night. Teachers should limit the amount of homework given each night because homework increases stress and takes up precious time.…

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  • Homework In Schools

    Should Schools Reconsider their Homework Policies? For most parents and educators, homework is one of the best things a student can do to improve their knowledge and skills. They are not the ones who are completing the assigned tasks, so for them, the benefits of homework outweigh the harms students experience. For students, on the other hand, homework can be dreaded nightmare. Most students view homework as a way teachers can extend school hours. The bright side of homework is that it creates…

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  • My Homework

    The problem I am hoping to solve is that I don't do my homework when I get home from school. This is a problem because I take higher level classes that require work outside of the classroom. This also affects my grades in a negative way and I hope to change my homework habits. My solution is a ten steps I plan to take to help me focus on and complete my homework. The first step I plan to take is to set up a regular workspace to do my homework at. For this I plan to use the desk in my bedroom.…

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  • Why Is Homework Important

    Why is it important for teachers’ to give homework to students? The importance of homework provided to students’ is for them to gain their skills and critical thinking, parents engaging and experiencing what their children are learning in school, also helps students use their outside resources in their homework. Homework improves a child’s thinking, homework is more practice outside of the classroom. Also, homework reinforces skills, concepts, and information learned. According to Jenn…

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  • Homework Should Be Banned

    It’s an average Tuesday night of the average middle schooler. And, this means homework. How much or how little is of much concern. They may have 30 minutes of homework, or they could have hours upon hours. Because of this some people feel that because of the risk of receiving copious amounts of homework that there should be no homework. However, just because there is a risk of having a large amount of homework doesn’t mean that homework should be banned completely. Because of the fact that some…

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  • Homework Arguement Analysis

    continues to exist today, is homework. As the pressure increases for higher levels of learning with higher standards and new testing from the state, the concept of homework continues to be part of the school system. Our family structures have changed and yet homework is structured in the same manner as it has been for the last 100 years. In the past, homework was given to students who arrived home to mom for an after school snack, a conversation about their day and ready to complete their…

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  • Essay On The Effects Of Homework

    Students today feel that homework and school in general is very overwhelming. It is creating stress, depression, and increasing drug abuse. According a study done by Jean M. Twenge, a PhD of Case Western Reserve University, “The results of the study suggest that cases of depression will continue to increase in the coming decades, as anxiety tends to predispose people to depression” (Thakur). She also says that that alcohol and drug abuse will continue to be an increasing problem because anxiety…

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  • Homework Assignment Analysis

    1. How do you keep track of your homework tasks? (Please describe your strategy in detail) I keep mental notes of all set homework tasks and school assignments in a priority tier. This means I prioritize remembering summative assignments and do usually forget about set homework assignments. I keep track of summative assignments by checking SEQTA and placing deadline dates in an iCloud calendar. Set homework assignments are usually not worried about over the week but I am aware that I do have…

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  • Overcoming My Homework

    How I overcome my barrier. I am a participant of our school's drama club. In the lasts few weeks of drama club I get really busy. Currently I have drama right after school until 5:30. In the last two week I have been sick, which means I had homework to make up, drama until at least 5:00, a orchestra an hour and a half after drama, and a test review for homework all on the same day. In my church I am also in charge of a drive for 3 groups of people each with about 300 people each. As you…

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