Importance Of Homework Tasks

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1. How do you keep track of your homework tasks? (Please describe your strategy in detail)

I keep mental notes of all set homework tasks and school assignments in a priority tier. This means I prioritize remembering summative assignments and do usually forget about set homework assignments. I keep track of summative assignments by checking SEQTA and placing deadline dates in an iCloud calendar. Set homework assignments are usually not worried about over the week but I am aware that I do have them most of the time. Because I do forget about formative homework, I usually end up cramming it all within a short amount of time and not learning much from the work I’m doing. I don’t think this system is very effective as this usually puts on a lot of stress on myself and I don’t always end up
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I think that I really need to start prioritizing my schoolwork over things like playing games and simply loitering to do well. I also need to use another form of recording other than my memory as this system has failed me quite a few times and is not always reliable. I think that my first priority when I get home is to check what homework needs to be done rather than spending all my time after school loitering and waiting till its late in the night to see what homework needs to be done. I think that if I do this I’ll be less likely to lose marks on my overall grade from assignments I handed in late or didn’t hand in at all. I think I also will be overall happier and more motivated to do well if I am organized which is also important as workload does not end at year 12 but continues on through university and employment. Creating good organization habits now will inevitably instill better habits for the rest of my life when I won’t have the same freedoms and lack of

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