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  • Raising Driving Age

    teens under the age of 19 die from driving accidents? Almost 60% of all car accidents occur more often in the teen age group. Older people tend to be more mature and pay more attention when they drive. Raising the driving age to 21 can benefit younger people. Raising the driving age will also save people’s lives. The driving age should be increased to 21 because it gives people advantages to be safe and to drive. Older people tend to be more mature and pay more attention when they drive. Meanwhile teens don’t really pay attention to the road. Almost 60% of teens call or text other people while they drive. Teens can get distracted by the noises when they call or text while driving. This is very dangerous because very serious accidents can happen when the teens are not paying attention. Teens overestimate their ability to drive. When teens drives, they can be cocky or arrogant sometimes. This is very dangerous because some teens like doing the sports tricks and they might try to do it while driving. Also teens can be irresponsible and careless when they drive. Teens are less likely to wear seatbelts when they drive. Almost 40% of the teen driving accidents involve with drinking alcohol. Raising the…

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  • Minimum Driving Age

    The minimum driving age should be raised I think the minimum driving age should be raised because because over the past few years there have being a lot of teenagers getting in car accidents. In 2008 50,186 tennagers were involved in fatal crashes. It’s important to minimum the driving age because tennagers are risking their life , they don’t have that much experience driving , and they are not that much responsable while they are driving. One reason why is a good idea to minimum the driving…

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  • Raising The Driving Age

    Finding a suitable driving age for teens has become a controversial topic over the past few years and different ideas are beginning to spread internationally. Making this decision has not been made easy with the varying arguments that have been presented. With the multitude of opinions spreading, only one is logical. Setting the driving age to 18 and enforcing experience requirements for all new drivers would benefit not only teenagers but all other citizens on the road by reducing the rate of…

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  • Legal Driving Age

    that each citizen has come into an agreement with to obey once they have obtained their licence. The ability to drive is something that citizens tend to misuse nowadays, especially in their teenage to young adult years, that is, 16 to 21. Driving is not an obligation, but a privilege that many do not recognize. Driving can be deadly if not taken seriously. For this reason to make driving comfortable and safe, the legal driving age should be raised to the age of 21; the age at which citizens…

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  • Essay On Driving Age

    teenage drivers are involved in car crashes every year, and more are killed than in any other age group. Even to this day, 6,000 teens die in accidents annually—more than fifteen a day (Triplett 1). These alarming statistics prove that receiving a driver’s license at the age of sixteen is merely too young. Teenagers are incompetent about being on the road, which increases the chances of putting others at risk because they have not developed a strong level of maturity and experience. The driving…

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  • Lowering The Legal Driving Age

    English Writing 2. In many places, such as Canada and most states in the United States, the minimum driving age is 16. The legal driving age for automobiles i most European countries is 18. Write an opinion essay about lowering the legal driving age in Spain to 16. Your essay should mention both some advantages and some disadvantages of lowering the driving age. A large controversy has surged between various nations in the world: the legal age that the upcoming adults should be able to obtain…

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  • Raising The Driving Age Essay

    Young drivers, and even older ones, cause many fatal accidents; raising the minimum age at which people can drive might reduce this, but is it a benefit to society, and are the statistics true? We can help lower the accident rates if the driving age is raised to 18 so no more kids can get hurt or killed in a accident on the freeway or by another car crashing into their car if we raise the driving age it will be safer for the young and old drivers. Statistics have shown that 15% of all accident…

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  • Minimum Legal Driving Age

    minimum legal driving age should be raised to 18 years. Teens are doing more than just preparing themselves for their future. Many teens have extracurricular activities, jobs, volunteer work and socializing. When teens younger than 18 can't drive, all these activities fall on to their parents, who may not have the freedom or willingness to shuttle their kids. And even though rising the driving age won't necessarily prevent teen driver crashes, it could just delay them. Teens are occupied…

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  • Essay On Raising The Driving Age

    Have you ever wondered how many teens die a year in car crashes? The amount of teen involved crashes is only increasing. Also teens are more likely to be worried about their phone or the radio, causing them to take eyes off of the road and attention off of driving. One of the biggest teen killers is automobile crashes. Raising the driving age would not only make driving safer, but it would also save many lives. The driving age being raised would leave more adults on the road, meaning less teens…

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  • Essay On Increasing Driving Age

    accidents are not just one specific age, they are of all ages, genders, and races. Even though teenagers are more likely to get into an accident, how are they going to learn from their mistakes if they are restricted from driving ? The answer is they won’t learn. By restraining teens from driving at 16, you are just delaying the accidents for when they are able to drive. Not only are the experiences being skewed by changing the age, but there are also many programs in many states that have…

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