Homework In Schools

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Should Schools Reconsider their Homework Policies?
For most parents and educators, homework is one of the best things a student can do to improve their knowledge and skills. They are not the ones who are completing the assigned tasks, so for them, the benefits of homework outweigh the harms students experience. For students, on the other hand, homework can be dreaded nightmare. Most students view homework as a way teachers can extend school hours. The bright side of homework is that it creates various nonacademic benefits for students. However, because of health issues and a negative impact on social life, schools should reconsider their homework policies for all grade levels.
Although there are disadvantages associated with homework, there
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Most grade school students are in classes from 8 A.M. to 3 P.M. Essentially, these students have a full-time job. It is unfair that teachers send kids home with homework to extend the school day. Most adults would not want their workday to be extended and neither do students. Students should be able to come home and not worry about homework that they need to complete. They have spent all day in a classroom gaining knowledge. Seven hours of schoolwork should be enough academic practice for the day. Those who are in favor of leisure activities say that “homework is not the only circumstance under which after-school learning takes place. Many leisure activities teach important academic and life skills” (Cooper et al, 8). For example, students can use their critical thinking skills in sports and learn how to work with others in a group. Kids should be allowed to be kids at the end of the day. Additionally, balancing extracurricular activities and homework can be a difficulty for students. High school students, especially juniors and seniors, are expected to be very involved in their school as well as their community in order to be accepted into a university. Indubitably, advanced placement, or AP, students receive much more homework then regular students. It can be difficult balancing homework and extracurricular activities, and at times extracurricular activities must be sacrificed in order to maintain high grades. Extracurricular activities are a way students can explore their various interests and make new friends. Students shouldn’t have to sacrifice this experience in order to maintain a decent GPA. With so many activities students can do after the school day, the last thing a student should do is more school work after a long day in

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