Homework Should Be Banned

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It’s an average Tuesday night of the average middle schooler. And, this means homework. How much or how little is of much concern. They may have 30 minutes of homework, or they could have hours upon hours. Because of this some people feel that because of the risk of receiving copious amounts of homework that there should be no homework. However, just because there is a risk of having a large amount of homework doesn’t mean that homework should be banned completely. Because of the fact that some students may receive abnormal amounts of homework is the precise reason why schools should attempt to balance homework.

While the word homework may represent stress, anxiety, and loss of sleep it has far more positives, as it has been proven to improve grades according to time magazine. “Duke University psychology
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It should neither be fully abolished or given to students in preposterous amounts. Although some say that homework is something that does no good for students, it actually has many benefits to students such as it has students receive better grades, learn what responsibility is, and figuring out how to balance homework with free time. All of these skills are not something that will help them in school, but in the rest of their lives. With that in mind, homework is not something that should be banned or fully embraced. Homework should be something that is balanced and only used as a tool to help students gain proficiency in a subject, not as busy work. Everybody involved, that includes the students, teachers, and parents should all realize that more homework is not the answer to the. The answer to this problem is to provide homework that will further enhacne a students knowledge on a subject without giving them so much that they feel overwhelmed. With these steps put into practice, everybody will understand why homework is benefical to

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