Should Homework Be Abolished Essay

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Have you ever had the feeling of wanting homework? Nope because homework is boring and too much. Homework is given mostly everyday around the world. Every School has some type of homework, specific for each class. It is a problem for a large amount of students ' because of their grades being dropped for not turning in one assignment. Anxiety is an unpleasant disorder to have especially for a homework assignment. Kids should not have to stay up really late just to do homework (Vatterott). Some parents have opted their children out of doing homework because it takes away from their family time. Homework should be abolished because of how it drops the student 's grade, which causes anxiety of their failing.
Why should parents do their child’s
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56% of people say that homework should be abolished while 44% say it shouldn 't be (Suhay). Majority parents want their child to have a free lifestyle with an education. Abolishing homework would not only make the students happy, but the parents because they expect their children to be doing well while being able to hang out with their family and friends. Homework from elementary to middle school has increased an hour more and has students staying up late. Parents noticed that their children have been bringing in about 2 or 3 hours. Family time has been cut out of their life just to keep up with their work. It’s hard for children to see their parents if they have tons of homework and the parent has to work a lot. Homework should be given as optional if the students want to help their grade. Understanding the homework would be easier if it was just classwork because the teacher would be able to help guide through it. Some may argue that homework is a good thing because it helps with

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