Argumentative Essay About Homework

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There are so many reasons people are pro homework. People say “it helps them become smarter or helps them on test,” But there is a lack of evidence where it actually supports their claims, that it helps students at all especially at such a young age. with Alfie Khon “The positive effects of homework are largely mythical.”(Khon). It also seems that homework is being forced onto younger students more often than the older ones. I remember getting tons of homework in Elementary school, and not having the time to play outside, the stress, and my parents struggling to help me on problems I didn’t know. The lack of evidence supporting that homework helps is really shocking to me.
Homework is an act of faith by the teacher that the student
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So if the material on the test wasn’t on the homework the students will likely get the question or questions wrong if it wasn’t covered on the homework. If teachers can’t cover everything in the seven hour window they have to teach these students then that’s on them and they should cover it the following day in class instead of assigning homework. Elementary students shouldn’t have homework it doesn’t teach kids to take an initiative and make learning their own thing. Homework is all about the directions and not about the initiative. If they don’t take that initiative how do parents and teachers expect them to learn to make learning their own and to have fun learning. I say that responsibility falls on the teacher to show students. We can follow directions our whole life, but never take the initiative to be original and follow our own paths. Also everyone learns differently and at their own pace so giving everyone the same assignment instead of focusing on each students weaknesses is another problem with homework students face. It could come easy to one student and be to difficult to another which isn’t fair to …show more content…
Which means no family time because when homework is done its bedtime, and every kid that age should have time with their family and friends it’s an important part of growing up. There is also the fact about the stress placed on these students and their parents. When a child needs help with homework they ask their parents or teacher. They can’t ask their teacher from home or their parents if they are at work. The argument of “why can’t they ask the teacher during class for help?”. Many students are afraid to ask a question because they think it’s a stupid question, and that the other students will make fun of them. Chances are the parents won’t remember the material on the homework because they have been out of school for so long, which adds to the stress they already have from work and whatever else they do during the day. This can also lead to bad grades or wrong teaching by parents if they don’t know the homework. “Maybe students are right to complain about too much homework. A
Stanford researcher has found that students in high-achieving communities who spend

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