Homework Affecting America Essay

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How Homework is Affecting America There is one word in the English language that constantly keeps American children up all night, cheating off other peers, fighting with their family, but most of all, creates so much stress kids have developed unhealthy habits and disorders . Homework. The meek word children in America cringe to hear. The argument of homework has been going for a while now, whether is it is improving education or “busy work” to make the teachers look innocent. By giving homework to k-12 students, their school and home life is miserably the same as schools have not researched enough about the effects of homework in the U.S., homework is creating health problems, and research shows there is no improvement with more homework. …show more content…
A professor named William Crain teaching at City of College of New York tells the occurrence of “school-related” illnesses. He explains the symptoms which include headaches, depression, and sleep problems. The symptoms are caused by “excessive homework, lack of creative and play time, and family time.” (insert cite) The Race to Nowhere is a documentary that shows how students, teachers, professors, and families think of homework in a public school setting. The director of the documentary states, “The presence of homework is negatively affecting the health of our young people and the quality of family time” in a 2011 article by New York Times. In the documentary, a thirteen-year-old girl committed suicide due to school stress. She had received an “F” on a math test the week before she committed suicide. Another student became “stress-induced” her senior year, and later became anorexic, because she stated, “It was easier for me to get homework done. I found I had more energy to do homework when I wouldn’t eat.” A third grader admitted headaches and stomachaches frequently. Sam from California said he wasn’t staying in school for education anymore, but the wrestling program. Then Sam’s school cut the wrestling program and he left. In the article called “Overbooked: 4 Hours of Homework for a Third Grader?”, Dianne McKay believes her two oldest children live in their rooms doing homework. The article also explains the link between homework and child obesity. The new administrator, Ron Bolandi tells of his story watching his son struggle with math homework and explains how the math homework had caused arguments. Bolandi included this phrase before he talked to the school board about a homework limit policy: "I don 't think it 's the parents ' job to teach their children the lessons they were supposed to get during the

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