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  • A Long Walk To Water

    In A long walk to water, Linda Sue Park tells the story of a lost boy refugee, destined to cover africa on foot, searching for his family and safety. The story takes place in southern sudan, 1985.In the beginning of the book salva lived a normal life, but it takes a turn when out of nowhere a war began, and salva was told not to go back to his village and just go to the bushes where is is safe.Salva than became a lost boy finding a way to cope with this type of situation where he don’t know anyone. Salva survives in A long walk to water by relying on others, remembering his loved ones, and saving water. Salva survives in A long walk to water by relying on others to protect him. For example salva clung on to uncle like a baby with every moment…

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  • Long Walk To Water

    most basic human needs met: food, water, safety. Only after those needs have been met can they move on to thinking about their wants. Some people sadly never get the opportunity to even begin to think about the things they want because they hardly have the things they need. A Long Walk to Water by Linda Sue Park follows the stories of two people growing up in Southern Sudan in different timelines. They both face struggles beyond what people growing up in first world countries could imagine. Nya…

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  • Perseverance In A Long Walk To Water

    A Long Walk to Water Theme: Perseverance Perseverance is an important theme in A Long Walk to Water. The first example of perseverance is when Nya had to persevere on her walk to the pond to collect water. On her trip that she took twice a day, she had to face a lot of thorns and extreme heat. If Nya did not persevere, she would not be able to collect water for her family. Without water, Nya’s family and herself would die within days. But because Nya had persevered on her daily journeys, she…

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  • Themes In A Long Walk To Water

    Suffering in, A Long Walk To Water The title of this book is A Long Walk To Water. The author is Linda Sue Park and it is Realistic Fiction. The theme I chose was suffering. In this book there are 2 main characters Salva and Nya. Salva is a caring boy from the Dinka Tribe. Nya is a hardworking girl from the Nuer Tribe. The Dinka and the Nuer are enemies. Both characters exemplify the theme of suffering. The setting is Southern Sudan. The conflicts Nya has are getting water, thrones and…

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  • Analysis Of Long Walk To Water

    Never Give Up What if you were forced out by rebels and had to leave your own family behind? A Long Walk to Water, by Linda Sue Park, is a realistic fiction novel. This story is a dual narrative. In the first storyline, Nya is a eleven year old girl, who is in the Nuer tribe, she lives in South Sudan. She must fetch water two times every day. In the second storyline, Salva, who is also an eleven year old boy, part of the Dinka tribe, and lives in South Sudan. Salva is forced to leave South…

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  • A Long Walk To Water Quotes

    If you were on a long, dangerous journey in Southern Sudan, what traits would you need to survive? In A Long Walk To Water, Salva and Nya are both going through daily hardships of life in Southern Sudan. Two times a day, Nya (in the year 2008-2009) must make a long trip down to the pond to get water for her family. Salva is in school one day in 1985 when an attack goes on and he is told to flee into the bushes and not return home. This causes a long and hard search for his family and refugee…

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  • Summary Of A Long Walk To Water

    Salva and Nya thirst for more than the water as their parallel stories unfold in Linda Sue Park A Long Walk To Water. Even Though there stories are far apart Sudan's struggle is still a active problem. Salva spent most of his childhood without his family to point him in the right direction. From the time he was young until he was a young adult he spent many hours in a day for months at a time walking away from the war that was ravaging his home country. His childhood was filled with the fear,…

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  • Essay On A Long Walk To Water

    The Sudan: A Long Walk to Water The Sudan is a North African country sharing borders with the Red Sea, Egypt, Libya, Chad, Central African Republic, South Sudan, Ethiopia, and Eritrea, has been the concern of the world due to its civil war, the lost boys, and the many people who have lost their homes since its independence from British and Egyptian rule in 1956. The countless conflicts have caused millions of Sudaneses to died and fled the country in hopes of surviving, so one day, they can…

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  • Long Walk To Water Quotes

    The Journey in Linda Sue Park’s A Long Walk to Water was very challenging to everyone who traveled. Though the main character, Salva, went through many challeges in the journey, he survived the journey with determination, and the knowledge to survive. Salva did many things in his long journey, and he definetly worked very hard, for his survival. On page 43 the text states, “‘Salva staggered forward with yet another enormous load of reed in his arms. Everyone was busy’ (43).” This means that…

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  • Analysis Of A Long Walk To Water

    A Long Walk to Water, by Linda Sue Park, is about an 11-year-old boy named Salva. He lives in Southern Sudan in 1985, during the Second Sudanese Civil War. He ends up having to flee his village, Loun-Ariik, not knowing if he will ever see his family again. The factors that made survival possible for Salva are individuals, such as Uncle, groups/organizations, like the refugee camps, and Salva's strength, both physical and psychological. Salva would not have been able to make it to the…

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