Sacrement of Confirmation Essay

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  • Sacred Rituals In Religion

    The Conformation is the last of the three initiation rites (the first two being Baptism and the First Holy Communion). In the sacrament of confirmation, “the faithful are sealed with the gift of the Holy Spirit and are strengthened in their Christian life” (“Confirmation” 1). In other words, the purpose of the confirmation is to strengthen the faith of a person and to be officially confirmed or declared as a Catholic. For the ritual, each person to be confirmed has a sponsor. The sponsor must be initiated with the three sacraments and will “lead the confirmed to receive the sacrament, . . . present them to the minister of confirmation. . . [and] for the Holy anointing” (“Rite of Confirmation” 343). It is important that the sponsor also promises to help ensure that the confirmed behaves in a manner that will not steer him or her away from the faith. During one’s confirmation, the ritual will involve “the laying on of the hands and the words ‘be sealed with the gift of the Holy Spirit’” (“Rite of Confirmation 345). Another purpose of the confirmation is catechesis. In other words, if a person is getting confirmed, it means that knows the official position of the church on doctrinal issues. The person confirmed should be well educated in his or her faith. Another reason that confirmation is so important in the Catholic faith is because many Catholics are baptized as babies, with no say in that decision. Getting confirmed…

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  • Father Flynn Character Analysis

    instead of her emotions, otherwise Father Flynn would not have left St. Nicholas. Moreover, if Father Flynn felt that Sister Aloysius’ certainty was inaccurate, then he would not have mind Sister Aloysius pursuing that certainty because he knows what is true. The quote demonstrated supports Father Flynn’s guilty verdict, therefore accepts his plead. Sister Aloysius tells Sister James, “That I had called a nun in his previous parish…His resignation was his confession,” (Doubt 51) to Sister James…

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  • Personal Narrative: Confirmation Changed My Life

    feel closer to God than ever. However, Confirmation wasn't what I thought it would be. I had known what was going to happen: we would be presented to the bishop, listen to the homily, renew our baptismal promises, the bishop would lay his hands upon us, and we would be anointed with Chrism. However, I couldn't have predicted the feeling of the Chrism on my forehead or the inexplicable joy that I felt afterwards. I couldn't have possibly known the understanding of my mission that I felt as I…

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  • My Confirmation Experience

    MY FAMILY During the time of preparation for Confirmation, my family was there for the journey. When I started the process of Confirmation, the first requirement I started was getting service hours. I had to volunteer at many places to get ten sessions. My parents scheduled the times I would volunteer, helped plan out my schedule, and drove me to Home Sweet Home, the SF-Marin Food Bank, and Saint Vincent de Paul. My parents also attended masses with me as my preparation for Confirmation…

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  • Personal Narrative: A Day In The Life

    beach. Two younger boys who had been playing out on the beach that day, discovered the beached mermaid, the boys filmed themselves going up to it and poking it with a stick, because it had appeared to be dead. The mermaid jumped up and grabbed the boy’s leg and then the video abruptly ended, shortly after the incident the FBI had come to take the mermaid away and paid the boys to not say a word about anything. The video was my proof, there was no way someone could just make that video up, it…

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  • Analysis Of Sleepless In Seattle

    Sleepless In Seattle • Sam Baldwin (played by Tom Hanks) is a recently widowed dad who is trying to get over the loss of his wife and considering dating women again. • Jonah Baldwin (played by Ross Malinger) is the son of Sam who calls a radio show to talk about his dad and how he needs to marry another woman. • Annie Reed (played by Meg Ryan) a Baltimore woman that is recently engaged to a man named Walter, who tunes in to the radio show and realizes she is smitten with Sam. • Walter…

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  • Confirmation Bias Research Paper

    anecdotal evidence on confirmation bias. Confirmation bias is the common human tendency to notice or seek out information which confirms our already existing beliefs while ignoring evidence which conflicts our beliefs. It is particularly prevalent in cases where our beliefs are mere prejudice or based on superstition. Confirmation bias is the reason why many people believe in the supernatural such as ESP, lucky charms or the lunar effect: a claim that human behaviour is influenced by the…

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