Father Flynn Character Analysis

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The consequences for committing sex crimes are very serious and knows no boundaries for the offenders who commit the act. In Father Flynn’s case there was no such consequence, in fact more like a commencement for him to start a new path elsewhere, leaving Father Flynn with as little to no suffrage to repent upon his actions. Even if his reason for committing the act was to provide comfort or security to Donald Muller, Father Flynn is guilty for molesting a child under the age of 18 years and must understand the gravity of the offense. Father Flynn asks Sister Aloysius, “Have you never done anything wrong… mortal sin,” (Doubt 48). By asking such a question in attempts to decrease Sister Aloysius’s high stature of morality, infers that Father …show more content…
The shock factor of Father Flynn (Blake Williams) when he thought Sister Aloysius (Ava Buchanan) contacted his prior parish is what gave way his moral persona. It was as if the expression on his face was, “Oh no! Did you really Sister. Please tell me it’s not so.” Personally, if I am caught in a scramble that involves my true identity to nearly be revealed, I would have my poker face on at all times; and I would not be so quick to react to a person I am having conflict with. Plus, according Father Flynn, Sister Aloysius certainty, was based off of her emotion, so he states she is being untruthful. Why submit to such a person? In Father Flynn’s case, it is because he is indeed wrong and guilty. The subjective commentary between Father Flynn and Sister Aloysius is what made Father Flynn’s past statement seem even more ironic than before. Father Flynn stated, “I can fight you, while Sister Aloysius defended that statement her own, “You will lose,” (Doubt 50). “You can’t know that,” Father Flynn exclaimed, while Sister Aloysius replied, “I know,” (Doubt 50). Examine that this in the same certainty of Sister Aloysius that Father Flynn deemed to be emotion, meaning Sister Aloysius had no way of knowing if she was going to win this fight or not. She only said those things because she was going off of her emotions, but Father Flynn still fell submitted to his ideology that was

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