Jack Lebowski Character Analysis

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Originally from Selmer, Tennessee; Bond Little is twenty-eight years old. He has served in the military for the last decade, has resided in Florida for the past nine years and relishes it; nonetheless, misses his family. People take pleasure in talking to him, and during conversations he cuts straight to the point. To depict his personality, I would say that he is part “Jeffery Lebowski” and part “Urban Cowboy” and makes him a fascinating character.

His reported height is 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighs in at 215 pounds, he is a little overweight. Having all-out thick jet black hair with a flattop haircut, yet he lets his hair lay down instead of putting hair gel in it. Constantly, he has a permanent five-o’clock shadow on display, I have not deduced how he pulls it off every day.
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He owns a Playstation 2, Playstation 4, Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, X-Box 360, and X-Box One; furthermore, he, also, has countless games for each system. He relishes Jack Daniels, Crown Royal, and different selections of wine. He, also, loves to knock back sweet tea by the gallon. Although, he is a homebody he, also enjoys to frequent the clubs on a Saturday night. He will spend either all night Friday or all night Saturday there and will not return until seven in the morning. He takes college classes at Embry-Riddle University from time to time. Taking advantage of their available online courses instead of meeting in a classroom, allows him to wake up just in time to log into his class before the professor starts teaching.

I will say that my roommate Bond Little is one of the most different individuals that I have had as a roommate. We may have our differences in what we believe in; regardless, he remains one of the easiest people to cohabit in the same house. Even though, his personality has its similarities to mine; regardless, he has some unique characteristics about him and there are some unusual

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