Character Analysis: Cyrano De Bergerac

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Cyrano Essay Life comes with many flaws and faults in which we as humans cannot control, nor can we change. Some people tend to just go on with their everyday lives and not bat an eye; while on the contrary, some people suffer in their own self-conscience due to a personal flaw they have. In Cyrano de Bergerac by Edmond Rostand, the main character Cyrano struggles with this problem because of his precariously large nose. Another character in the book Christian is self conscious about his literacy. And as result he is not confident in his love for Roxane who is Cyrano’s love intrest. I plan to point out that people tend to magnify their own faults or flaws, which can lead to low self-esteem and/or self-destructive behavior. In the story …show more content…
He states that his heart wants to expose his darkest secret but his mind bending and turning is keeping him from giving a testament of his love to Roxane. He exposes his forbidden wishes to Roxane through the mouth of Christian when they are partaking in the balcony scene. “Up until now my heart feared that it would be mocked” “Because of its mad passion! My heart has masked itself with witty words to hide itself from curious eyes”(Rostand 76). Cyrano in the story has really sunken low in his self-esteem, he feels like he is unworthy of love because of his nose. He refuses to believe that Roxane could ever love someone as ugly as himself. “She told me she would love me even if I were ugly.” “those are only word. Believe them if you want but I wouldn’t”(Rostand 110). This is how Cyrano begins to think of himself, he sees himself as an outcast someone too ugly for society.
In Cyrano de Bergerac the faults and flaws of characters most certainly leads to self- destruction and low self- esteem. This happens in life also, and can come in multiple ways and happen to different people. So be aware of this and know that the faults and or flaws do not make us into anything less than who you are destined to

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