Ban Cell Phone Use While Driving Essay

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  • Cell Phones While Driving Should Be Banned

    need to be made. Some states have set fines for those drivers who are caught using hand-held cell phones while driving. But do these fines really make an impact on the driver? Not when the fine is so low that it is not a big deal for them to just pay the fine and carry on doing what they are doing, making no changes to how they drive. In several states the fine is a measly $101. The old saying, hit them where it hurts, in their pocketbook, comes to mind. If the fines were higher and made more of an impact on people finances it might actually make people think twice before driving and using their hand held cell phone. It could certainly cause the laws banning hand-held devices to be more effective and result in…

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  • Synthesis Essay On Distracted Driving

    and Federal Laws Targeting Distracted Driving.” Annals of Advances in Automotive Medicine 58 (2014): 84–98. Print. Across the country, most states have laws prohibiting the use of cell phones while driving. Research shows that cell phone use while driving significantly increases the chance of getting into an accident. Car accidents are the leading cause of death in teenagers because a majority of them are distracted drivers. Legislators believe that laws and education will reduce the number of…

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  • Texting While Driving: The Banning Of Cell Phones

    Would you close your eyes for 5 seconds while driving? When you glance at your cell phone to read a text message you are taking your eyes away from the road for an average of 5 seconds, and if you are traveling at a speed of 55 miles per hour you will have driven the length of the football field, blindfolded. (CDC, 2016) Some believe that cell phones are necessary while driving and that if you are excellent at multi-tasking there is no problem. Driving is a task that needs your full attention to…

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  • Cellphone While Driving

    issue a ban on cell phone use while driving, because cell phones can cause inattention blindness while driving, you are putting yourself and others around you in danger, and placing a ban on cell phone use while driving is proven to be effective. Did you know that distracted driving comes in three forms? When you are using your cell phone while driving, you’re doing all three types which are manual, visual, and cognitive. Manual distraction is when you are taking your hands off the wheel for…

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  • Should Cell Phone Be Banned While Driving A Vehicle?

    Should the use of a cell phone be prohibited while driving a vehicle? The answer to this particular question has been debated on for several years. Many people strongly believe that the ban on all cellular devices should be required in all states, but others think that it should not. This topic is very important in today’s society because cell phones have become a significant issue on the roadway. The purpose of this essay is to bring awareness to the negative effects of cell phones, and why…

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  • Banning Cell Phones While Driving

    The use of cell phones while driving has continued to increase as phones become more enticing. With the advancement of technology, the numerous features, and apps that a person can use on a cell phone makes it even harder to disconnect while driving (Borgard). When people use their cell phones it not only puts themselves but others around them in danger too; pedestrians, passengers and other drivers on the road. Using cell phones while driving is a divisive topic that has led to many states…

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  • Cell Phone Use While Driving

    are cellular phones. We use cell phones every day because of their convenience. Most phone service companies offer family plans where a whole family can get quality service and many of the times, the phones come free or at a discount. Cell phones today also have Internet. This means that you can change your Facebook status, check your email, go on YouTube to watch your favorite videos, check the stocks, and many more things. On a different note, cell phones are quickly becoming the most…

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  • Research Paper On Distracted Driving

    very much present. In a vehicle, distractions such as the radio, other passengers, and cell phones are constantly thwarting our attention from the road. People are constantly checking their phones for a text message and have the urge to respond immediately. This is making texting and driving a very severe problem. The use of cell phones while driving should be illegal with strict penalties for infractions regardless of age or experience. Distracted driving is a huge problem today. Distracted…

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  • Primary Enforcement Laws

    suggestions to fight distracted driving would be pointless. As mentioned earlier, enforcement of the law will be a daunting task, but I speaking to a different type of enforcement. In April 2010, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) launched the "Phone in One Hand, Ticket in the Other" enforcement program in Hartford, Connecticut, and Syracuse, New…

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  • Dangers Of Texting While Driving

    Dangers of Texting While Driving The average time it takes to read a text message is five seconds. At the speed of 55 mph, that’s enough time to travel the length of a full football field (“Cell Phone”). Most people may not realize it but one out of every four accidents in the U.S. are caused by texting while driving (“Cell Phone”). Driving distracted is never safe and adding texting into the equation happens to produce the most accidents. One text could change your entire life, or worse,…

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