Inattention Blindness While Driving Essay

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The remaining five states legislature’s, should issue a ban on cell phone use while driving, because cell phones can cause inattention blindness while driving, you are putting yourself and others around you in danger, and placing a ban on cell phone use while driving is proven to be effective. Did you know that distracted driving comes in three forms? When you are using your cell phone while driving, you’re doing all three types which are manual, visual, and cognitive. Manual distraction is when you are taking your hands off the wheel for even just a split second (Allman 41). An example of this type of distraction is picking your phone up. Many deadly accidents are caused by someone bending down to simply pick up their phone that fell on …show more content…
Inattention blindness is when you are looking but not focusing. Now a day’s people are so entranced with their phones that they have gotten injuries by just walking on a sidewalk (Kling 57). If doing that alone can cause serious injuries, imagine having that kind mindset while using a motor vehicle on the road where other people’s lives are at risk. Studies have shown that it is nearly impossible to focus on two things at the same time. In 1999, psychologists named Daniel Simons and Christopher tested out an experiment on inattention blindness (Allman 42). They asked a group of people to watch a video and count how many times the team with the white shirts passed the ball (Allman 42). While this was going on, they had a person in a gorilla suit walk into the center of the video and stand there for about nine seconds then continue walking (Allman 42). Years later, they tested this same experiment out at the Harvard University (Allman 42). Surprisingly, only half of the intelligent colleagues, noticed the gorilla (Allman 42). This experiment proves that not even the smartest people can focus on two things at once. Tragedies have occurred due to inattention blindness, for example, a mother lost her five year old boy in a car accident, and the cause of the crash was a mere cell phone (Allman 41). The man who crashed into them, was so engrossed in the conversation he had on his phone that he did not realize the traffic ahead …show more content…
In California, using a cell phone while driving was banned in 2008 (Allman 76).Years later in 2012, California Office of Traffic Safety had compared the results of accidents that happened before and after the ban (Allman 76). The University of California, Berkeley, proved that about 22 percent of traffic deaths were reduced, and driver deaths related to handheld cell phone use, dropped by 47 percent (Allman 76). In 2009, researchers Keli A. Braitman and Anne T. McCartt, did a survey between states that banned cell phone usage while driving and the states that did not (Allman 76). In the states that did have the ban only 56 percent of the people said they use their cell phone while driving, and in the states that did not have the ban, 69 percent of the people said that they used their cell phone while driving (Allman 76). There are still more studies being done to prove that the bans are effective, for example, in 2012 a professor at the University of Texas A&M, named Cheng Cheng, discovered that drivers texted 60 percent less and talked on the phone 40 percent less in states that had the ban (Allman 76). Laws can be very effective in controlling and reducing bad behaviors such as using a cellular phone while

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