The Dangers Of Cell Phones While Driving

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Some of the major products that are produced in the market today are cellular phones. We use cell phones every day because of their convenience. Most phone service companies offer family plans where a whole family can get quality service and many of the times, the phones come free or at a discount. Cell phones today also have Internet. This means that you can change your Facebook status, check your email, go on YouTube to watch your favorite videos, check the stocks, and many more things. On a different note, cell phones are quickly becoming the most dangerous form of distraction while driving and as cell phone ownership and use continue to increase, the worst thing that people do with cell phones today is using them while operating a motor …show more content…
When a person is under the influence of alcohol or other drugs, he/she loses all balance, hand/eye coordination, and motor skills, so they therefore lose concentration. Driving, while talking on a cell phone or texting, has almost the same effect. Driving a motor vehicle requires a lot of concentration even though many people don’t think about it. Many people don’t really consider the many different things are going through their heads as they are driving on a day-to-day basis. Many advocates of cell phone use while driving believe that talking on a cell phone doesn’t impede their ability in driving and believe that they have full control of themselves behind the wheel. There are a few problems with this theory. One is, as explained earlier, that driving with a cellular device reduces concentration and reaction time. Another problem with this theory is that even if some people do believe that they can multitask and be able to do both at the same time, they would just be taking unnecessary risks in the end. Another solution to this problem could be excessive fines that they would have to pay. If people have to pay more out of their pocket for mistakes that they make on the road, they will definitely think twice before they do it again. Especially today, many people are losing their jobs and don’t have enough to live out good lives. Short term jail time could also be a good punishment. If people are in jail, they can lose their jobs and they won’t be able to make any money to support their families. This will also make them think twice before breaking the

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