Healthy Relationships Essay

  • The Importance Of A Healthy Relationships

    Starting a fresh relationship with someone is always fun and interesting. They might teach you new things throughout time and also bring out new things about yourself that you probably didn’t know. Meeting someone new brings high hopes. It is always a good feeling knowing that person has the same interest in you as you do for them. A person might come into your life while you are going through something stressful, so that person can turn into an escape from all the drama going on in your life. Causing that person to mean a lot towards you in a short period of time. This can be both, good and bad. Starting a relationship can be great and amazing but sometimes unfortunately some relationships take a bad turn. Everyone is different so every…

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  • The Importance Of Healthy Relationships

    Abuse and Relationships When my mother was sixteen years old, she started to gain curiosity of dating. I thought I was lucky she told me this herself because I felt we related to that topic since that was the age I got curious. She met my brother’s father at church in Nayarit, Mexico and immediately fell in love with his “bad boy” personality, she said it was love at first sight but he wasn’t so holy. She explained how he was ten years older than him, and said they were in a very unhealthy…

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  • The Effects Of Healthy Relationships

    To have a healthy relationship with someone doesn 't always mean you 're dating. Healthy relationships are important with friends, family, and romantic partners. In all of these types of relationships you need boundaries, and communication but, in a romantic relationship you need trust. You need trust in a relationship because without trust you begin to develop jealous behaviors with lead into forms of abuse.Without these three things in a romantic relationship the relationship can become very…

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  • Importance Of A Healthy Relationship

    It is crazy to think that an intangible object can almost define your relationship with someone. A relationship meaning your parents, a sibling, a family member, a good friend, a teacher, a spouse or significant other, or even someone you do not really know. There are a lot of components that go into a good healthy relationship; there is communication, respect, affection, responsibility, and transparency. But there is also something called trust, without it you might as well not have a…

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  • Importance Of Maintaining A Healthy Relationship

    Nowadays good relationships are hard to come by, especially ones that are long-lasting. Even if luck is on your side, sometimes you can’t always decide that the relationship is fifty-fifty. Maintaining a healthy relationship is both essential and takes a lot of hard work. Surely, the definition of a healthy relationship alters between each couple, but when you practice proper techniques and take certain factors into consideration, any couple’s relationship can be sure to stay on the right track…

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  • The Importance Of Strong And Healthy Relationships

    Everyone has either been in a relationship, had a crush, or has been in a life long relationship whether that is marriage or a life long partner. My question to the readers is, what went wrong? Why did that relationship fail or what makes it work? According to writer Sara Altschule from, in order to have a healthy relationship you need to be able to, “form a trusting and positive partnership” (Altschule, 2016). Every relationship needs work and every relationship doesn’t start out…

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  • Healthy Interpersonal Relationships Case Study

    Appendix F Healthy Interpersonal Relationships Worksheet Use your textbook to answer the following questions. You are not required to respond in essay format. You may use short-answer responses, including lists, to answer these questions. 1. What are the characteristics of intimate relationships? What are behavioral interdependence, need fulfillment, emotional attachment, and emotional availability? Why is each important in relationship development? • Behavioral interdependence is…

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  • How To Maintain A Healthy Relationship Essay

    To sustain a long, healthy relationship is being honest, respectful, nice doing that can help you’re relationship be better and stronger. I’ve noticed in many of the relationships I have with my friends and family is proving to them I’m truthful, responsible, trustworthy, and not only that share how your feeling let them know that your there and keep a positive attitude with them. Keeping a relationship strong and healthy you have to know how to communicate with each other. My relationships are…

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  • Healthy And Unhealthy Relationships In Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

    In Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, Romeo and Juliet are not in a very healthy relationship. Romeo is 17 years young Boy and Juliet is just 13 years old innocent girl. Romeo and Juliet were not familiar each other, they just fall in love instantly and get married as soon as they meet without getting to know each other. They need to maintain their relationship secretly from their families, so they were always in fear and suffering. Romeo and Juliet are emotionally unstable, infatuated with each…

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  • The Importance Of Setting Boundaries In Relationships

    Kline: Group topic: Setting Boundaries in Relationship In today’s group, patients learned what healthy/unhealthy boundaries are, and how to set and maintain healthy boundaries in relationships and respect other people’s boundaries in terms. Ms. Kline moderately participated. Completed the worksheet to identify how don’t talk, don’t, feel, and don’t trust rules apply in her family when she was growing up, and assess her own personal boundaries. She engaged well in group discussions, openly…

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