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  • The Tragic Hero In Shakespeare's Julius Caesar: A Tragic Hero

    A tragic hero: a literary character that makes a judgment error that inevitably leads to his or her own destruction. Although Julius Cesar may not seem as though he is, he is the tragic hero of the play. He was noble enough to go against orders from his superiors. He had flaws of ambition and arrogance; that ultimately lead to his cataclysmic death, making Julius Caesar the tragic hero. While reading the play Julius Caesar, many people may find themselves connecting to Brutus much more than Caesar. Caesar is only in the play a short time, but his part in the play is crucial to Brutus’ fate. Julius Caesar was unquestionably noble. He had rarely second guessed himself and took action on things that he found important. Caesar had been ordered by the Senate to return to Rome with his personal army and remain there as a private citizen. Caesar refused and crossed the Rubicon. As Caesar’s army marches to Rome, senators and Pompey, along with Pompey’s troops, fled. Caesar pursued Pompey and eventually killed him. Caesar did not worry about the Senate and how they would react to his refusal. Some people may look at those actions and say that it was just recklessness or that Caesar was only thinking about himself and not the well-being of his people or Rome. In a way, they would be right, but Caesar followed what he believed was right and carried it out fearlessly. He showed much strength and nobility in making these decisions. Caesar had many flaws. Brutus mentioned the flaw of…

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  • Fate Of A Tragic Hero: Oedipus As A Tragic Hero

    Fate of all tragic heroes can be rather depressing, many of whom cannot control their own fate. Oedipus, from the play Oedipus Rex is a well known tragic hero all throughout the world. Oedipus is a tragic hero that has killed his own father, and married his mother. The tragedy that leads to this downfall is not a fault of Oedipus, himself but Cadmus, who has bought the hatred of Apollo, the God of Music. Apollo then sent out a tragic prophecy to Oedipus, a descent of Cadmus, leading to the…

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  • The Tragic Hero In Sophocles Antigone As A Tragic Hero

    What risks or sacrifices would a family member take to see another family member get proper burial? Would you risk your life to do so? A tragic hero “must experience a dramatic change in fortune (from properly to misfortune), must be morally good, have a heroic statue, true to life, and consistent in his or her actions” (Willocks). Antigone defies Creon decree despite the consequences she may face, in order to honor her deceased brother. Within the play, Antigone best fit the description for a…

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  • Tragic Hero In Shakespeare's Macbeth As A Tragic Hero

    Shakespeare’s novel, Macbeth, is sometimes hard to understand. Especially, characters’ identities are ambiguous. In Macbeth, which is one of the Shakespeare’s tragedy novel, Some people are confused whether Macbeth is a kindhearted villain or tragic hero. Several pieces of evidence support Macbeth as a tragic hero. Tragic heroes are usually of royal descent who possess a flaw in their character that causes them to make bad decisions eventually leading to a downfall. First, Macbeth is…

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  • A Tragic Hero In Shakespeare's Hamlet As A Tragic Hero

    A tragic hero was once defined as a character with a flaw in judgement or personality. This flaw eventually leads them to an end full of disasters. Hamlet is a perfect example of a play containing a tragic hero. The character Hamlet is a tragic hero is the play and along with a tragic hero, comes a tragic flaw. Hamlet’s tragic flaw is his indecisiveness and his inability to act upon his decisions. Being unable to act has had a huge effect on the life of Hamlet. He is incapable of committing…

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  • The Characteristics Of A Hero: Oedipus As A Tragic Hero

    Every one hundred seven seconds someone is sexually assaulted, (“Statistics” n. pag.). Every three seconds someone dies of hunger, (“Every Three Seconds.” n. pag,). Tragedy; it’s inevitable. In life, everyone is bound to experience a rough time. These rough times and flaws are what test a hero and build character. Experiencing hard times transforms an average person and his mistakes into something remarkable and heroic. What characteristics make him a hero rather than just an ordinary person? A…

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  • The Tragic Hero In The Crucible

    A hero is someone who is admired, or looked up to for courage, achievements, or noble qualities. Yet, if one hears the word hero it patently seems as if it is someone who does well and has no flaws. However, a tragic hero is someone with heroic qualities but has flaws or imperfections which leads to their death or at least their downfall. In play the Crucible written by Arthur Miller, an allegory of the communist witch hunts, tragic hero is born. John Proctor is the tragic hero in the Crucible,…

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  • Examples Of Tragic Hero In Antigone

    What’s in a Tragic Hero? In most dramas the very core of the story revolves around the tragic event or the tragedy itself and the tragic hero that is the cause of the tragedy. In Sopehecle’s “Antigone” Creon is identified as the tragic hero due to his tragic flaws, his power, and his actions that lead to his downfall and that of others. Many works of drama have an essential plot and contain a protagonist and an antagonist and usually have unhappy endings; these would be refereed to as…

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  • Why Is Macbeth A Tragic Hero

    The tragic hero is one of the most commonly misused terms in literature. Although difficult to find a character fitting of these qualities, Shakespeare’s Macbeth is deserving of the tragic hero status. In accordance to Aristotle’s poetics, Macbeth is not all good and not all bad, he undergoes proper anagnorisis, as well as proper peripeteia, making him a tragic hero. To be a tragic hero, Aristotle writes in Poetics that the hero must be not all good and not all bad. Scholars who argue Macbeth…

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  • John Proctor: The Tragic Hero

    According to Aristotle, “A man cannot become a hero until he can see the root of his own downfall.” A tragic hero is defined by Aristotle as a hero who makes an error in judgement that inevitably leads to his or her own destruction. Initially, the tragic hero is usually equal to if not worse than the common man, allowing the reader to identify with the hero. This also introduce pity into the play or story, which is an important part of a tragedy, because if the hero was already perfect, the…

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