Disability Scenarios

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1. Discuss the problems associated with viewing disability as a binary condition rather than as a continuum
The issue that span from clustering the disabled is that needs and resources vary based on individual circumstances. There are physical, psychological, and neurological issues that can attribute to a person being or becoming disabled. One must consider family size, medical expenses and cost of living on a much grander scale. Expenses for this type of population can have a severe impact on their ability sustain a way life that can enable them to maintain their medical needs while not having to give up other life-sustaining resources. No one should have to choose between food and shelter or medication. Unfortunately for some, this is a
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Many men and women sustain lifelong problems that can be linked to mental illness and other medical conditions. There is a great amount of logic behind the privileges they are granted. There are many who can no longer work or take care of their families after fulfilling their military duties. Which is why Veterans should be given additional aid that can enable them to sustain their way of life while allowing them to receive appropriate medical care and financial assistance.
3. Discuss the current civil rights environment for persons with disabilities. Are current protections adequate? Why or why not?
I believe there are certain measures that are adequate in the sense that government acknowledges this population in a more humane way than in the past. American society understands that being disabled is not a problem but a condition that does not require repair but assistance so that individuals are given the same level of dignity and opportunity as the rest of the population. “The disability rights perspective views people with disabilities as a minority group that has been subject to discrimination and unfair treatment- in legal terms, a protected class of people” (pg.
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The second action is to fulfill this plan of action by acquiring as many of the resources needed to change the present circumstance of the individual. This can heighten the level of opportunity for the person/family. Additionally, advocational services can increase assistance and resources. For instance, immigration, education, housing, health/childcare can be obtained to meet the specific need of the individual who may lack the ability to acquire these services on their own.
5. How might SSI benefit these children and families? (Empower: Protecting Children with Disabilities through SSI) SSI enables caretakers and parents to sustain a way of life for themselves and other family members. Since certain disabled individuals cannot work financial assistance grants them the ability to acquire resources that can assist with household and personal responsibilities.
Additionally, SSI offers protection for disabled children by giving children access to fair and equal treatment within the educational system. Also, laws have been changed to allow for a wider range of disabilities which specifically impact children who require specialized services. “Inclusion has been hailed a sensible and effective way to ensure that children with physical and mental disabilities are afforded full opportunities to learn and to interact with other children”

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