The Glass Castle Essay

  • Analysis Of The Glass Castle

    those days (Walls 23)” This insight into Jeannette’s thoughts as a young child shows that at that moment, she adored her father, basically had no problem with the fact that they didn’t have much money, and thought that the life that she was leading was decent. At this point in time, she is living pretty happily, without many worries and thinking that she could “live like this forever” (Walls 18). An extremely powerful symbol of the book, which is referenced many times throughout, is the Glass Castle, a house that Jeannette’s father, Rex Walls, is planning to build, once they get a bit more money. In early childhood, Jeannette truly believes in the dream of the Glass Castle, trusting her Dad to build it. “When Dad wasn’t telling us about all the amazing things he had already done, he was telling us about the wondrous things he was going to do. Like build the Glass Castle….. Sometimes he’d pull them out and let us work on the design for our rooms” (Walls 25). Jeannette’s attitudes toward the Glass Castle are a good representation of her trust towards her dad and her hopes and dreams, and in childhood, Jeannette has absolute trust. This part of her life, especially on the Christmas when Rex gives her Venus, is the epitome of her life with her family, when everything seems…

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  • Glass Castle Symbolism

    Composition 1 23 October 2017 The Glass Castle The Glass Castle, a memoir written by Jeannette Walls is a story about the chaotic life of the author Jeannette and the life she endured growing up with her bizarre parents and three siblings. Jeannette’s life was anything but ordinary, she lived a tough life compared to most people. Jeannette had to grow up faster than most children and was constantly moving. The reason behind Jeannette’s constant struggle in her life led back to her parents.…

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  • Perseverance In The Glass Castle

    novel The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck depicts the Joad family’s arduous journey to survive and find economic stability as farmers during the Dust Bowl. Jeannette Walls’s autobiography, The Glass Castle, illustrates her family’s struggle to find personal happiness and a sense of belonging despite their lack of a permanent home. Both books feature families attempting to overcome poverty and find a sense of security while traveling nomadically and frequently changing their living situations.…

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  • Violence In The Glass Castle

    through a lot, as seen in her book The Glass Castle. As a young girl she faced bullying, poverty, alcoholism, and sexual assault. She was often brought into these situations by her parents and was told to ignore it. Rape and sexual assault are very real, important matters of discussion and the reality can be shocking. People should be taught to report anything that has happened without feeling ashamed or judged. People should also be taught to not take advantage of others. The Glass Castle shows…

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  • Symbolism In The Glass Castle

    The Glass Castle The Glass Castle, written by author Jeannette Walls refllects a beautiful memoir of her childhood. The focus of the story includes Jeannette 's struggles as a child and having to grow up in a dysfunctional family. The protagonist of the novel being Jeannette Walls herself , describes the brutal yet honest truth behind growing up within the circumstances of an unstable home of her alcholic father and her mothers rather rustic lifestyle. With the use of theme, symbolism and…

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  • Resilience In The Glass Castle

    The Glass Castle: The Longest Simile to Resilience Human resilience is defined in Elizabeth Edwards’s quote, “Resilience is accepting your new reality, even if it 's less good than the one you had before. You can fight it, you can do nothing but scream about what you 've lost, or you can accept that and try to put together something that 's good.” It has exemplified itself repeatedly throughout our existence on Earth, from the harsher, simpler days of survival, or how nations have fallen to…

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  • The Glass Castle Narrative

    The Glass Castle is an inspiration story that has inspired a lot of people to write and or talk about their own hardships in life. In life most people are born without a mental illness and they go through life not knowing what it is like to have one unlike me. When I was born I had Dyslexia and ADHD so I had a hard time in english, reading and staying awake for most of the day. I could never understand social cues or slang so I was out casted from my class because it seem like I have a curse and…

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  • Glass Castle Reflection

    After reading The Glass Castle and watching some interviews with Jeannette Walls, I realized that I agree with her philosophy that every person has a story to tell, and I never really thought about it before. Yes, I have a story, but I didn 't see it as a story someone would want to read. Even if no one wants to read it, I think that writing a story down would be therapeutic. Also after reading the book, I saw some similarities between Jeanette and myself. I didn’t live in rundown houses and I…

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  • Hardships In The Glass Castle

    In the book, The Glass Castle, the author named Jeannette Walls opens up about the hardships her family was forced to experience. Main factors in those hardships were poverty and Jeannette’s father’s drinking habit. Through these issues, Jeannette along with her siblings managed to tackle the parental role and take care of themselves, as well as each other. Although Jeannette’s parents were at times negligent, they had undoubtedly taught their children long-lasting morals and values. These…

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  • Quotes In The Glass Castle

    The Glass Castle Although Rex and Rose Mary Walls struggled to provide a stable household for their children, they taught them many important life lessons throughout their constant crazy adventures together. For example, Rex taught Jeanette that material things don’t really matter. He shows this by taking her alone to the desert and giving her a star for christmas. Even though Jeanette knew he was only doing this because he didn’t have any money, she enjoyed this moment alone with her dad. But…

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