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  • Essay On Confidentiality

    Confidentiality and privacy are essential aspects of healthcare that must be respected in order to ensure the patients privacy and safety in addition to allowing the patient to feel a higher level of invulnerability. An assistant in nursing (AIN) has policies and procedures specific to their job in the healthcare system regarding confidentiality and privacy which must be followed. These policies and procedures, as well as implications if they are breached, will be explored throughout the following essay. The code of ethics heavily impacts on the way an AIN carry out their daily tasks and privacy and confidentiality are not only listed within the code of ethics (Value Statement 7: Nurses value ethical management of information), it is also a legal right. Confidentiality protects the patients personal information and is a “principle in medical ethics that ensures the information a patient reveals to a health care provider is private and has limits on how and when it can be disclosed to a third party.” - Dorland's Medical Dictionary for Health Consumers. Similarly, privacy is the act of keeping a patients information out of public view. Confidentiality and privacy date all the way back to classical Greece when the hippocratic oath was created.…

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  • Confidentiality In Mental Health Counseling

    The insight I gained about confidentiality from the Laureate Education “Clinical mental health counseling: Confidentiality” video was that it’s the cornerstone and foundation of Mental Health Counseling. Confidentiality is an ethical concern to protect client’s privacy rights and legal concept (Laureate Education, Inc., 2012). Counselors must ethically inform their clients of their confidential rights and limitations in their counseling session. Confidential information can’t be released…

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  • Summary: The Tarasoff Case

    Introduction In this paper, I am going to analyze the ethics of confidentiality in medicine by taking different medical cases that happened to be controversial. I will expose the Tarasoff case as well as Gloria’s movies case in order to answer this question: Is it ethical for a doctor to share confidential information of a patient? In my opinion, doctors and therapists, in general, have the obligation to keep their patient’s information confidential, whatever the case, as it is their role to…

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  • Case Study: Oneway Corporation

    If he chooses to disclose information to Bill, he is affecting his confidentiality of his tax client, Jack. Not only will he be disclosing information to a friend, but Bill has material interest in Jack’s shares which is in violation of the AICPA independence rule. He will also be disclosing confidential information to the client (Oneway Corporation) employee who is denied access to the information. If it is found that Jon has released confidential information to outsiders without his client’s…

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  • Assignment 1: Confidential Information

    although this should be after 48 hours (Skolnik, 2011). On this note, the release of information regulations indicates that the inquiry of information should be in accordance to priority and efficiency. For this reason, the patient should receive the general records of health information. 2. Sending documents It is noted that there is a need to enhance privacy, confidentiality and…

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  • Correlational Survey

    All students are required to be unpaid research participants for a total of four hours per term. By filling out our online survey they get to fulfill 30 minutes of their four-hour requirement in the comfort of there own home. Once registered with SONA, the participant would find our study, the competition and academic performance survey, and sign up for it. Before they were allowed to take the survey’s, the participants had to fill out a confidentiality form. The confidentiality form told them…

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  • Human Resources Policy Paper

    Confidentiality Policy Employees are exposed to confidential or proprietary information on a daily basis. A confidentiality policy, along with a confidentiality agreement, seeks to protect proprietary information from disclosure to outside entities or individuals. Many companies require their employees to maintain some measure of confidentiality as to the work in which they are involved in at the company (J. J. Keller & Associates, 2012). Protection of company information is essential to its…

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  • Counseling Minor Clients Case Study

    How do you think legal and ethical requirements might come into conflict with each other when counseling minor clients? Clients who are minors have a moral right to privacy within the alliance between the client and the counselor. Moreover, according to the text, (Remley & Herlihy, 2015) counselors how obligations to the minor as well as the parent or guardian which may come into confliction. Accordingly, an obligation exists legally to the parents and an ethically and morally obligation is…

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  • Ethical Issues In Health And Social Care Essay

    or procedure. After they have signed and give professionals permission to go ahead with the research then they are able to begin. This ensures the safety of the service users and allows them to be aware of the process step by step and what will be included. Linking this to Milgram’s study, this was an ethical issue as the participants were not aware of the exact rules within the study and were not aware that they can withdraw themselves from the experiment. Every time a participant was in…

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  • Agreeing The Purpose, Content, Layout, Quality Standards And Deadlines For The Production Of Documents

    for any further changes and confirm if the poster overall and its message, in terms of relevance and accuracy, satisfies her requirements. Once we are all happy with the finished document I would proceed to place the printing order in the print shop, in this way the poster will be printed in high quality and it will be more attractive to our guests. c) Explain the purpose of confidentiality and data protection procedures when preparing document I am aware that the hotel Data Protection Policy…

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