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  • The Moon: The Story Of The Moon

    The Moon has not always sat in the sky watching over the Earth and all its inhabitants. No. In fact the Moon used to wander the earth just like any creature or human does now - as did the Sun. This is the story of what she did before she sat up in the sky. This is the story of the Moon and her only friend. The Sun was loved by all. His heart was warm and his smile was bright. His hands were strong hands that as they touched the earth could make bright green plants sprout from even the driest of the lands. The animals of the earth loved him and could often be found following in his footsteps. The horses, with their manes as smooth as river water and their feet as quick as lightning, loved to run around the Sun’s ankles. This always made…

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  • Landing On The Moon

    The first human landing on the moon in 1969 was a great accomplishment for America and a huge disappointment for the USSR. But, what if it never happened what if the USA faked the whole thing? Just to win the Space Race? Would America really reside to being that naive just to win a race to the moon? Maybe, if they did they would have to do really good job of hiding the evidence showing that is was just filmed. Just a few things were slipped through the editor's’ eyes. For example, a big…

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  • Moon Myths

    Evidence supports that the Moon strongly supports life on earth. First off, the Moon is an item of much beauty. It shines the brightest in the night and can also be the source of some stories. Second, the Moon is the main cause of our tides, which helps circulate the sea’s waters. Last of all, the moon is a very interesting astronomical subject, which has led us to many scientific discoveries. Common sense even can prove that the Moon is very beautiful. The moon is usually the brightest object…

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  • Moon Phases

    Sarah O’Hara Phases of the Moon In this report, I will be explain how and why the appearance of the Moon changes over time. With some knowledge about phases of the Moon, I was able to learn a lot of valuable information through observations, group discussions, collecting data, and recording my findings. My report will answer the question “How and why does the appearance of the Moon change over time?” Methods of Collecting Data Throughout my observations, I was required to collect my data,…

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  • Harvest Moon

    of the situation, I think it was only appropriate that I chose to write my report over the red blood/super moon/solar eclipse that took place last night. My paper will discuss that the three most basic questions I had about the unique moon, how I found the answers, and my overall final thoughts. Although it is a rare occurrence, that is not the only main reason for why I chose this APOD. After reading chapter 3 from the Horizon’s textbook, I thought the section covering moon cycles was the…

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  • The Moon In Astrology

    The moon in Astrology waxes and wanes, representing all of the many different things we as humans feel, in a constant, never ending cycle of New Moon to Full Moon and back again. The Moon represents our empathy, emotions, introspection, and reflection. The Moon represents your subconscious mind, just as the Sun represents your conscious mind. The Moon’s glyph is the alchemy symbol for silver, but obviously it’s something more familiar, which is a crescent moon. It represents the spirit and the…

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  • Moon Observation

    also used an astronomy website to name and understand what I was looking at. All observations were at lease days apart. My observation started on the fifth of September. During this drawing the sky was cloudy. I didn’t see the Moon out at this time. The constellation Sagittarius was located to the left of the sky. Then…

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  • Moon And Beyond

    The Moon and Beyond, America’s pursuit of new frontiers The moon and stars have pondered men for thousands of years, but all it took were three American astronauts to captivate every person not just in America, but also throughout the world in July of 1969. But how did America get that far and what did Americans think of NASA and the government in its attempt to send a man beyond our home on planet Earth. Man had never ventured out into our solar system up until the Apollo program took flight in…

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  • Moon Exploration: The Moon And The Space Race

    Moon exploration could be all but marveled until October 4, 1957, when the Soviet Union did the impossible and launched Sputnik 1 to orbit Earth, this was a huge success. Sputnik 1 was a small, nearly useless satellite, but it had started the Space Race, and one of the biggest leaps for humanity. We have been nearly oblivious to what has happened in the space race, including why the race to the moon became big and fast at that, what other smaller successes were, and what the Apollo program was…

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  • Moon Theory

    The history of earth is hard to imagine without our moon. The moon has had an impact on the earth in many different ways. For as long as man walked this earth, the moon has affected the tides and even the metals of the earth. The phases of the moon are still used to help guide the harvest, and even help determine the time of the river floods. The moon is a place that we know little about and very few people are lucky enough to get to experience it in person. Some interesting facts that we know…

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