War: Similarities Between Football And War

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A total of 115.5 million people watched the superbowl last year making it the third most viewed television event ever. The only two events which had more views were, ironically, other superbowls. This captures how popular the sport is around the country and how devoted fans are to the sport, as Sundays during the NFL season are essentially a national holiday for some. But what makes this sport stand out from the others? Football brings a unique blend of violence and strategy that many other sports cannot provide to its viewers. So many people have fallen in love with the game that it has become an event unlike anything else in America. Overall, football plays such a huge role in American society because it creates a violent, warlike setting …show more content…
These similarities, just as with violence, can change the thinking of people. In both football and war there are two sides in which both are trying to win. They strategize and fight up and down the battlefield trying to gain an advantage over the opponent. Although there are many similarities, there is one huge difference. War involves numerous casualties and cannot be justified in most circumstances. Football, on the other hand, can be justified as the risk of getting seriously hurt is much lower. Since war cannot be justified most of the time, Mark Edmundson states in his book Why Football Matter that this allows the people to: “transfer our hunger for heroism from the area where real heroism has traditionally been possible and relocate it to the less complex relations of sport” (134). In a sense, Edmundson is saying that people view athletes as heroes in today’s age rather than viewing soldiers as heroes. This can drastically change the mindset of fans along with players. Some football players become obsessed with the power that they have, which can lead to their life spiraling out of control. Fans, especially kids, view these football players as role models and are influenced greatly by them. If a player does not behave off the field then they are setting a bad example for the kids who look up to them. Since kids view these football players as people who can do no wrong, this could negatively affect the kids and lead to consequences in the long run. Overall football and war are connected with one another. Many similarities such as a sense of pride in your team, camaraderie, and a will to win all bridge the gap between the two. These similarities and differences allow football to flourish and help it become so popular

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