Advantages And Disadvantages Of Global Village

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Register to read the introduction… Therefore, the concept of oneness has lost. The second is the corruption and fraud from which no one has immunity. Moreover, the other side of the coin is the over-powering of information and its abuse by nations that are masters and the rest would be slaves. Thus this would results in imbalance of access to natural and human resources, global-economy and will results in fragile Eco-system. Therefore, the modern communicative technology does not truly promote a cohesive Global Village concept in its true essence as was perceived by those in favor. But this would rather accelerate inter dependencies among nations and a rat race to control the flow of information and resources by the superpower(s). It can be clearly seen that globalization has made rich richer and the poor poorer. Underdeveloped nations have suffered greatly. They are faced with the crisis of cultural identity. These nations are such which are unable to make the right choice because of their inability due to poverty and

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