Strengths And Disadvantage Of Urbanisation

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Urbanisation takes place when people travel from rural areas to a more urbanized area in hopes of finding a better lifestyle. Urbanisation can also take place in a rural areas due to an economical and financial development. Urbanisation itself involves many life changes when people decide to move from rural areas to urbanized areas. People experience differences in their lifestyles and go through major changes in areas of their lives such as their jobs, education, and living condition. All of which will be discussed in this essay. Urbanisation can be divided into many types but we will be covering suburbanisation, counter-urbanisation and gentrification. (Haub, 2008)
Suburbanisation is the migration from urban areas to semi-urbanized areas,
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Cities provide economies of scale and agglomeration and become the system through which investments are made and therefore allow development and better correspondence of partnership between urban and rural life. In response to good investments the cities are able to impose taxes to promote urban development. As a result of good management of the expenditure and economic investments the satisfaction of life has been raised. People have more and better access to several types of new technologies in place and are also able to get access to markets. (Settlements, …show more content…
Some of these disadvantages are as follows:
In city areas one of the main issue is the issue of all sorts of pollution. Many people get tired of living in an area where the air is not healthy to breathe, the roads are dirty and whereby there are a lot of cars that also contribute to air pollution since they release many harmful gases into the air. Most people do not want to lead this kind of life. Their health is in more risk due to all sorts of factors that may contribute to a decline in their health due to the city life. (Waugh, 1998).
Moreover, in cities, people may spend hours stuck in traffic on a daily basis. Statistics say that US motorists spend about a week a year per driver in traffic jams. This problem is more concerning in countries that are not fully developed yet or that are in the process of developing. The idea of building more roads will not really fix this problem as there continues to be an increase in the amount of cars entering the cities. Nobody likes to be stuck in traffic after a long day, and in cities that is what will happen to anyone as a result of Urbanisation. (G. Tyler Miller,

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