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  • The Theme Of Death, Revenge, And Madness In Hamlet

    play, The Mousetrap, which was shown for Hamlet to confirm Claudius’ guilt. Once his speculations are reassured by Claudius’ reaction, his plans continue in serving justice to his father. In the same way, the death of Laertes’ father and sister, Polonius and Ophelia, causes Laertes to lash out on Hamlet. The death Polonius causes him to return home, demanding answers for the crime. Once he is aware that Hamlet has killed him, he wants Hamlet to pay for what he has done. Then, once Ophelia dies, Laertes believes it is due to Hamlet’s insults and actions, so he plans to fight Hamlet as a way of revenge. Laertes seeking vengeance on Hamlet is what drives the plot to its final scene, where the rest of the characters are killed and the kingdom…

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  • Julius Caesar Calpurnia Analysis

    In her madness, Ophelia has perhaps confused Laertes with Hamlet, or she has mixed the two men together and views them as one. The flowers of remembrance are then intended for Laertes, to remember their father but also intended for Hamlet to remember, if not his love for her, at least his affection. “I would give you some violets, but they withered all when my father died.” (4.5.184-185). Although not directed as to who the violets should be given to, it is possible that they were intended for…

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  • Analysis Of Gertrude And Ophelia's Death In Hamlet

    “ His rage is so impulsive that the king has to go to great lengths to calm him down, “How much I had to do to calm his rage!” This selfish reaction of Claudius, who does not even comment on Ophelia’s untimely death, is typical as was seen in his reaction to Polonius’ death “It had been us had we been there.” His first thought is of himself, and indeed his abrupt and unfeeling entrance after Ophelia’s soliloquy reiterates his coldness. Our impression of Ophelia from other areas of the play can…

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  • Ophelia In Hamlet

    for our actions is shown in the character Ophelia, in Hamlet by William Shakespeare. Shakespeare uses Ophelia as a symbol of love…

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  • Ophelia Obedient

    Hamlet, Ophelia is portrayed as a beautiful young woman. She is the young daughter of Polonius, the sister of Laertes, and Hamlet's love interest. In the play, Ophelia is trapped amongst her obedience to her father and her love for Hamlet, which comes with several tragic consequences. Ophelia tries to be “obedient”. Ophelia is the ideal obedient daughter, a role that is required entirely of all young women in the late 16th and early 17th centuries. Ophelia also happens to be the most innocent.…

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  • Hamlet And Ophelia

    Ophelia is the perfect example of a woman who seems to have the sincerest intentions toward Hamlet. However, when under duress from her brother and father, Ophelia is forced to reject Hamlet’s affections. The reality is, when faced with Ophelia’s rejection Hamlet shows no empathy or concern, but instead, verbally and to some extent, physically assaults her. This behavior confirms Hamlet’s underlying belief that women are not trustworthy. Additionally, this lack of compassion further…

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  • Hamlet's Corruption Of Ophelia

    In 3.1 of Hamlet, Hamlet struggles with his complicated feelings towards Ophelia; he feels she has betrayed him and will only continue falling into corruption. Hamlet reveals these feelings through his conversation with Ophelia during this scene; he speaks to her in a witty but bitter tone (Pattern 1). Hamlet makes it very apparent in his denial of caring for Ophelia that he feels she has betrayed him. At a first glance, Hamlet seems to simply deny the existence of his relationship with…

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  • Ophelia Syndrome Discourse

    believe a movie is good when it has mostly positive reviews? Most people would answer the previous question by saying “because people said it’s good”. But if one hasn’t watched a movie yet so they can’t formulate an opinion. This is an example of the Ophelia syndrome. Like the author, Thomas G. Plummer explains how the Ophelia syndrome makes people naïve. One’s dominant discourse, a discourse meaning a way of using language and one’s self-identity of a social group, explained by author James…

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  • What Is The Tale Of Ophelia

    The Tale of Ophelia There was once a Kingdom in Denmark named Venlighed, meaning kindness. The kingdom was ruled by a fair King and Queen. One day, the King and Queen were blessed with a gift of a daughter, and they named her Ophelia. But something wasn’t quite right with Ophelia. She was born with a deathly illness, so the noble King and Queen asked for the most powerful fairy godmother in the Kingdom. “I do not have the power to cure the princess from her illness, but I can give her a gift to…

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  • Madness In Hamlet And Ophelia

    Hamlet asks Ophelia where is her father. She replied “At home, my lord” (III, i, 111). This indicates Ophelia has lied to Hamlet and order her to become a nun to control her lust. As Claudius and Polonius step out of their hiding place, the king states that Hamlet 's madness is not to believe because of his love for Ophelia, but it’s can be a game that Hamlet is playing between them. The part of Hamlet’s thought for the king and had killed Polonius. As Hamlet is abusing her mother by…

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