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  • Hamlet And Ophelia Relationship Analysis

    Hamlet and Ophelia 's relationship in the play "Hamlet" by William Shakespeare is very passionate, confusing, violent, and tragic. Many claim that Hamlet fooled her and that he never really loved Ophelia, however I disagree. Hamlet surely loved Ophelia, and Ophelia felt the same. They definitely cared for one another, for Ophelia claims to her father, Polonius, that he "hath importuned [her] with love in honorable fashion", and if he had not loved her then he wouldn 't have gone to all that trouble to make her believe he did; especially with all the family issues going on in his life at the time, revenge and love are too much for him to handle together (act 1, scene 3, page 23, lines 110-111). In act two, Ophelia comes rushing to Polonius, her manner frightened, and she tells her father that Hamlet had come to see her. Hamlet was out of character because his clothes were disheveled and he looked wild. He grabbed her "by the wrist and held [her] hard" and while doing this, sighs, and although Ophelia doesn 't know what it was about, to me it is proof that he loves her; he went to her for comfort because he is distressed about his uncle possibly murdering his father. Hamlet has a strange way of showing his love, but it is undeniable that he went there to see her and seeing his sweet Ophelia gave him comfort (act 2, scene 1, page 38, line 87). Their relationship turns into confusion when he claims that he "never gave [her] aught", meaning that he never loved her and never…

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  • Hamlet Love Ophelia Analysis

    Hamlet’s True Love towards Ophelia Many dispute over whether or not Hamlet is really in love with Ophelia in the classic play of Hamlet. There are countless pieces of evidence in the story that argues Hamlet never loved her, but there is even more evidence to discredit that statement. His love for Ophelia is real, however it can be so over shadowed by Hamlets actions and plots that it comes across as an infatuation. Hamlet proves his love to her however, through the time he has spent with…

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  • Conformity In Shakespeare's Hamlet And Ophelia

    to our eventual demise. The Play Hamlet by William Shakespeare has a character named Ophelia that is torn between her love for Hamlet and the desire to please her father, Polonius. This contradiction evidently leads to her insanity and eventual death, which demonstrates the profound destruction that occurs when the very people that love and protect you, abandon you. Since the beginning of the play Ophelia is being torn between her love for hamlet and the obedience she has for her father,…

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  • Role Of Madness In Hamlet And Ophelia

    there are no official writings or explanations to exist. There is also some controversy about the play, concerning the portrayal of Ophelia and the sexist representation of her. The clever aspect of Shakespeare’s plays is that the madness afflicting just a few characters heavily impacts the other characters and plot. The representation of madness in the play is rather interesting, as it is predominantly shown in two of the main characters in two very different ways. Hamlet’s madness is fuelled…

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  • Analysis Of Ophelia, Sex, And Flowers

    Ophelia, Sex, and Flowers Dr. Seuss says “Only you can control your future.” In the play Hamlet by Shakespeare, Ophelia loses control of her own future. Ophelia’s relationships are all controlled by the people that are supposed to love her. Shakespeare puts focus on the character of Ophelia to show how Ophelia’s family and lover in the play control all aspects of her life; Shakespeare uses this to suggest that love can never be controlling and that oppression will lead to rebellion and…

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  • The Ophelia Syndrome Analysis

    “because people said it’s good”. But if one hasn’t watched a movie yet so they can’t formulate an opinion. This is an example of the Ophelia syndrome. Like the author, Thomas G. Plummer explains how the Ophelia syndrome makes people naïve. One’s dominant discourse, a discourse meaning a way of using language and one’s self-identity of a social group, explained by author James Paul Gee. The Ophelia syndrome affects one’s ability to be in a dominant discourse because it affects one’s opinions,…

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  • The Madness Of Ophelia In Shakespeare's Hamlet

    The Madness of Ophelia in Shakespeare’s Hamlet In William Shakespeare’s play, “Hamlet,” he introduces many thought-provoking characters. One of the most intriguing female characters in the play is Ophelia. Ophelia is a vision of virtue and grace who faces heartbreak and madness. After the death of father and the rejection from Hamlet, she is found singing songs during her time of madness. These songs provide symbolism in the stories told, making the character of Ophelia even deeper and more…

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  • The Allegory Of The Cave And Ophelia

    and Treating the Ophelia Syndrome” and “The Allegory of the Cave,” express the abilities to gain knowledge and to think as an individual. “Diagnosing and Treating the Ophelia Syndrome” describes a psychological disorder that disables a person to create their own opinions. Being able to control your own ideas and opinions is important to form one’s own identity. “The Allegory of the Cave” uses symbolism to describe a theory about two different types of knowledge. In this text, Plato tells a story…

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  • The Effects Of Ophelia In Shakespeare's Hamlet

    characters shows extreme signs of hysteria. Ophelia is a young girl in her teens that is growing up with just her father. She has a charming personality and ever attracts attention from Hamlet throughout the book. People would consider her to be living a very stable life and a healthy lifestyle, until Hamlet stabs her father thru a tapestry and ends up taking her father life. Her father’s death came to such a shock that she does not ever come back to a stable mind again. She begins to, “talks…

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  • Madness In Hamlet And Ophelia

    demonstrate by proving that Claudius did kill his father, Hamlet love for Ophelia, the act of killing Polonius, Hamlet saying horrible things to his mother and sending Rosencrantz and Guildenstern to England to get killed. To put together, Hamlet is only doing to avenge his father’s murder. Hamlet wanted proof that Claudius killed his father. Hamlet set up a play within a play. He sets the players to their preparations and tells Horatio about his plan for the play. The plan of the play…

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