Analysis Of Gertrude And Ophelia's Death In Hamlet

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Register to read the introduction… “ His rage is so impulsive that the king has to go to great lengths to calm him down, “How much I had to do to calm his rage!” This selfish reaction of Claudius, who does not even comment on Ophelia’s untimely death, is typical as was seen in his reaction to Polonius’ death “It had been us had we been there.” His first thought is of himself, and indeed his abrupt and unfeeling entrance after Ophelia’s soliloquy reiterates his coldness. Our impression of Ophelia from other areas of the play can be seen in her first and only soliloquy, (although technically Polonius and Claudius are on stage although they are hidden, using the theme of appearance and reality, so it is not a soliloquy,) in which we can hear Ophelia’s true feelings as we are able to hear the genuine admiration and strong feelings she has for Prince Hamlet, “O, what a noble mind is here o’erthrown.” Ophelia recognizes Hamlet’s madness and uses musical imagery “sucked the honey of his music vows” before describing his madness; “like sweet bells jangled out of tune and harsh.” It is a passionate and heartfelt speech in contrast to the King’s entrance which is cold and …show more content…
Although his actions do not reflect this thought now, he had previously written her a note saying, “But that I love thee best, O most best, believe

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