Hamlet Life Lesson Analysis

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Why is it that we read? We read to learn new things, whether that is a life lesson or simply new vocabulary. We can take two lessons from Hamlet. The first one is that if people let anger and revenge get the best of them, they can cause damage. The second one is in life you will be able to get away with something for long but not forever. We learn these lessons through various actions committed by various characters. Those main characters are the Ghost, Claudius, and Hamlet. The readers are first introduced to the Ghost, old King Hamlet. The guards had spotted the ghost before several times and noticed that he appeared just like King Hamlet. King Hamlet was killed by his own brother. The Ghost returns to the palace over and over again until he speaks to his son. He is in dying need to let him know how is it that he died. King Hamlet was angry about his death and wanted someone to seek revenge. The Ghost lets the readers know this when he speaks to Hamlet. The Ghost explains, “Upon my secure hour thy uncle stole / With juice of cursed hebona in a vial / And in the porches of my ear did pour / The leprous distilment” (I.v.68-71). King Hamlet warns his son about not letting revenge “taint” his idea of Gertrude. However, King Hamlet desired his death to be avenged that he did not care of the damage that would come from the …show more content…
This is due to Hamlet’s carless plot to seek revenge for his father’s death. Not only did Hamlet kill Polonius but Polonius death lead Ophelia to insanity, enough to make her commit suicide. This not only shows how revenge led to a terrible consequence, but it also starts to introduce the damage that Claudius had on Hamlet. The statement that Claudius gave about Ophelia’s actions can also be used to describe the reason behinds Hamlet’s insanity. Claudius believed he could have gotten away with killing King Hamlet, however we are seeing his punishment form little by

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