Mistrust And Mistrust In Shakespeare's Hamlet

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Distrust and Mistrust During the play of hamlet there was multiple times when distrust and mistrust was shown and all of these in which I believe were from the theme good versus evil. In the story of Hamlet people were always in conflict with one another and this caused them to mistrust them so then they would do things to find out what people were relying doing so they’d spy on them. In the story the downfall of mistrust and distrust would either put the person in a worser position causing them to have drastic consequences which could be murder or people to dislike them.

In the main storyline the main character Hamlet was convinced that the king killed his father which was stated by his father’s ghost. In which he didn’t really
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While the ghost was calling for hamlet his friends didn’t trust the ghost and told him to not proceed and talk to him because they felt like the ghost couldn’t be trusted and could harm him but Hamlet eager to find out the answer he went with him anyways not knowing the outcome. In the eyes of his friends they saw the ghost and an enemy and hamlet as the hero that they need to …show more content…
Claudius on the other hand was starting to catching onto what Hamlet was starting to do so he needed to find a way to get rid of him so he took control of the anger of Laertes to use him to kill Hamlet. Mistrust and Distrust was shown by twos way in this period of the story, one being by Laertes not trust Hamlet that his father's death was caused because he was spying. Second way was that he trusted Claudius by telling how he should go about his father's death in which caused him to make a very bad choice in which bring regret and

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