The Importance Of The Ghost In William Shakespeare's Hamlet

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Register to read the introduction… 39-40) Hamlet was not at all surprised when he found out that his uncle murdered his father. Even though Hamlet as well as two other individuals saw the ghost with their own eyes, Hamlet was concerned and had a sense of doubt because he was the only one that could hear the ghost’s voice. The ghost had a propositon with discrete instructions for Hamlet to take revenge out on his uncle. Hamlet could barely believe that the ghost was real of just a figment of his imagination. He even thought that it was just a memory or the devil trying to mislead him while he was in a defenseless state. After Hamlet’s close encounter with the ghost, he gains a distrust and distaste for women. Hamlet’s fake madness let Hamlet express hatred emotions towards Ophelia as stated, “ Get thee to a nunnery, / farewell. Or if thou wilt needs marry, marry a / fool; for wise men know well enough what monsters / you make of them. . . . (3;1. 138-141). This vulgar language was needed to be said by Hamlet to Ophelia because it would not have been at all possible for him to be her loving “beau” while trying to avenge his father’s …show more content…
Hamlet is able to depress everyone around him. Ha begins to become isolated from everyone in the castle and spends most of his time in complete solitude. Usually he is seen walking alone talking to himself in soliloques. Though Prince Hamlet displayed numerous syptoms of madness, he never lost touch with reality. Hamlet was able to keep a sane mind while talking to certain individuals about the ordeal. Hamlet’s put on was so planned, he even had another individual in on his scheme, Horatio. Horatio was one of Hamlet’s best friends and Hamlet confided in him. Hamlet was able to tell Horatio everything and could trust him completely. Polonius thinks Hamlet’s madness is caused by his love for Ophelia as stated in act one; scene five, lines 102- 106:
“This is the very ecstacy of love, whose violent propery fordoes itself and leads the will to desperate undertaking as oft as any passion under heaven that does afflict our
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To Find out if Claudius actually murdered his departed father, Hamlet sets up this play to be acted out in front of Claudius and the whole crowd. The play was the re-enactment of the murder scene and Hamlet was sure that Claudius’ reaction to it would show whether or not he actually murdered Hamlet’s father. He tells Horatio of the scheming play and about his plan. He tells Horatio to act normal as if nothing was going on. Sure enough, when the play rolled on, Claudius reacted to the scenes and Hamlet could tell that what the ghost had told him was true, but it also meant that Claudius knew Hamlet

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