Hamlet Revenge Essay

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Hamlet by William Shakespeare has become one of his most popular revenge-tragedy play that he had ever written. Hamlet portrayed more of a tragic play than a revengeful one because the late King’s unfortunate death was their only desire for revenge. The incident led Hamlet to seek vengeance, which caused the death of most characters in the play, the madness of some and the downfall of the protagonist himself.
The root of this tragic story began with the death of Hamlet’s father, the late King of Denmark. The ghost appeared before Hamlet and told him “…a tale unfold whose lightest word/Would harrow up thy soul…” (1.5.19-20). The tale was bout his father’s murder. It wanted Hamlet to “…revenge his foul and most unnatural murder” (1.5.25). Hamlet
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Other characters’ death involved were either the effect of Hamlet’s lunacy or the effect of their own nosiness. Despite Rosencrantz and Guildenstern were both Hamlet’s childhood friends, they obeyed the King’s order to spy on Hamlet. Hamlet became suspicious of them and he did not considered them as friends, as Hamlet regarded his friends as someone he could trust, like Horatio. His once friends became his enemies. Because of Hamlet’s hunger to avenge his father, he lost allies and cut all other connection he could have if Hamlet moved on from his father murder. Hamlet considered that he has not carried out his plan of killing his uncle that’s why he cannot die yet. Hamlet also could have married Ophelia but Ophelia might have reject him as he killed her father. As to Polonius’ death, Hamlet mistook him as Claudius. It could have the ending of the play if it was Polonius. Hamlet stated that “Thou find’st to be busy is some danger” (3.4.37). Polonius became part of Hamlet’s punishment. Though Hamlet repented for slaying Polonius, he claimed to held no responsibility to Rosencrantz and Guildenstern’s death as it was not him to blame. Hamlet stated that “[Rosencrantz and Guildenstern] are not near my conscience...” (5.2.62) and believed that they deserved to die “…by their insinuation grow” (5.2.63). One does not repent his own sins and do another one. Hamlet was responsible of both deaths, however, he was only feeling remorseful …show more content…
Ophelia was one of the people that has received the effect of the late King’s death. Though her appearance in the play was very little, Ophelia had a significant impact on the play and on the audience as well as she symbolizes innocence whereas Gertrude was a symbol of impurity. Similar to Hamlet, Ophelia’s craziness emerged from the unfortunate death of her father. However, Ophelia’s predicament put her into a situation where insanity was her only choice, Leverenz explained. According to Maki, Ophelia’s life was based on Aristotle’s’ definition of tragedy as she realized that she’s incapable to survive without men in her life. Her submissive attitude towards men suppressed her to express one’s thought, that resorted in losing her sanity. Compared to the twenty first century, women in Shakespeare’s era needed to abide men’s rule. Even in her madness, Ophelia was bound by the rules in the society, Maki further explained. Maki also depicted Ophelia’s words as nonsensical and also explained that “her lack of alternative” was enough for her to accept her own

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