Drama Analysis: Hamlet: To Be Or Not To Be

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Drama Analysis: Hamlet 'To be or not to be '. This is a very famous literary cue, and which characterizes both the play hamlet and his author William Shakespeare. For the drama analysis paper I chose to do it over Hamlet. A play read by many and known by even more than that. A rather long play out of the book as well. The book even states that, "Hamlet must be the best known of all characters in the theater of the world". I am going to first give a story line or a short summary of the play.
Even thought Hamlet is in Germany, the plays setting starts in Denmark where he is being summoned for his fathers funeral. When he arrives he finds that his mother has already remarried. She is now with his uncle Claudius, and Hamlet regards this as
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He then summons Hamlet to a sword fight after there controversy over who loved Ophelia the most. Laertes doused his sword in poison, and he cut Hamlet with it. Then he dropped his sword and Hamlet stabbed him with it, and thus killing him. Laertes tells Hamlet that he will die from the poison as well.
In the midst of his confusion he is brought back by Horatio by saying "The Queen Falls". The Queen thought that her son had one the fight, so she took a drink of his cup for his toast. Unknowing that Claudius had poisoned it for Hamlet incase he won the match. Enraged by this Hamlet stabbed Claudius, and pours the rest of the poisoned wine down the Kings throat.
Before dying Hamlet declares the thrown to Prince Fortinbras of Norway, and he pleads his true friend Horatio to throw some light upon the events that led up to the bloodbath that they all witnessed at Elsinore. With his last breath Hamlet escapes from the prison of his own words by saying, "The rest is silent." The play ends here as Prince Fortinbras, in his first act as King of Denmark, orders a funeral with full military honors for
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This continued until they had both slayed each other, and by this time everyone between them had suffered their own deaths as well. Leaving only Horatio from Hamlets connection of people, and the new King of Denmark standing at the end of the play. Hamlet is one of the longest plays ever performed, clocking in at about 4 hours. After reading it, and getting a sensation at he end I can only imagine how it must have felt walking out of a theater after watching the

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