On-the-Job Training Essay

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  • Describe Job Training Effectiveness

    Describe job training effectiveness and how will job training help with efficiency in the work process? Any organization that wants to succeed, and continue to succeed, has to maintain a workforce with people who Is willing to learn and develop themselves continuously. Job training is tremendously important to any company 's management team and important in the maintenance of a highly skilled workforce. With the understanding of the importance of job training, organizations put tons of money in it every year. But what does an effective training program look like? The Canadian Standard Association (CSA Group) developed an Occupational Health and Safety Training Standard in helping organizations to manage effective training programs. Employers could make their training program according to the standard since it is a very useful guideline. Some important points help companies with the setting up of their training program.…

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  • Explain The Ins And Outs Of Job Training

    The ins and outs of job training If you think that after landing the perfect job the hard work is over you are sorely mistaken. In many cases, especially within management related positions, job training will be a key part of your contractual obligations. It is a common myth that the word “training” is something that should be feared, as this couldn’t be any further for the truth. In fact, job training is something that should be embraced. This guide looks at job training in more detail and…

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  • Describe The Difference Between On-The Job And Off The-Job Training Case Study

    Question# 1 Describe what is meant by training? Training is the process of providing employees with the essential knowledge and proficiency to perform their roles competently. It is an indispensable way to keep your organization competitive while increasing efficiency of your business. Having trained workforce means your workers are gaining knowledge and learning skills that can improve production and reduces mistakes. It builds confidence in employees and create better working environment. An…

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  • Key Considerations When Planning Training Essay

    Key considerations when planning training in any organisation Businesses need to consider training new starters and new employees differently. Existing staff don’t want to feel like a babies in the business; having to go through the same training as the newcomers. This may frustrate the existing employees and same goes with the newcomers. They may feel overpowered when they see the capabilities of existing employees. The training that they do must be relevant to their job title and must be…

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  • Employee Training Methods

    Training Organizations and firms focus and spend more time and money in training their employees with the belief that it will give them more completive in the industry local and global. Selecting right employees for company is not easy and doesn’t guarantee they will perform effectively if a firm doesn’t do the employees orientation which gives new employees about company’s information such as email access, personnel policies and benefit they need to function. It does not only help them to…

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  • Cognitive Training

    Methods of training are split into either cognitive or behavioral. Behavioral techniques let the trainees practice and to conduct in a genuine or re-enacted style. They also provoke training through behaviour which is best for aptitude advancement and the state of mind change. These strategies are known as on-the-job training. The alternative training method is cognitive. Cognitive approach gives verbal or composed data and show connections through ideas. These sorts of strategies can likewise…

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  • Workplace Training

    Training helps organizations improve its performance and productivity. Training matters to multiple levels of society and it is thought as” the planned and systematic activities designed to promote the acquisitions of knowledge”(Salas). According to research in 2000 alone, US organizations have spent over $50 billion on the training of employees (Making Teamwork Work). Training Programs will only be effective if the skills and behavior learned are transferred to the workplace. It is extremely…

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  • Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

    skills may have been gained over the likes of training, and this process helps individuals to reflect and review on what they have learnt and achieved. A CPD needs to be a documented process written by an individual about themselves. A CPD can bring many benefits including building the confidence of an individual as it is a document showing the…

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  • Cross Training Research Paper

    What is cross training on a job? Cross training on a job is when the employer takes an employee from one area of the business and cross-train them to another area. For example, you are hired as a biller and you are working in a moderate size office. Your boss may teach you or cross train you to take blood pressure, temperature, weights and other non-billing duties. Cross-training is common practice in today's workforce. What type of cross training do you think you may need when working for…

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  • Importance Of Training Methods And Techniques Training Methods / Techniques According to Dessler (2008), training and development must consist of five steps: Step 1: Needs analysis -: In this step the trainer identifies the specific job performance skills needed, assess the prospective trainee’s skills and then develop specific, measurable knowledge and performance objectives based on any deficiencies identified. Step 2: Instruction design -: Here the trainer decides on, compile and produce the training programme content…

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