Self-Concept Essay

  • Self-Concept And Self Concept: Self And Social Concepts

    Self-concept is defined as perceptions that a person holds of themselves, whether they’re accurate or not. It is what is inside of a person and how they see themselves. It’s really important to remember that self-concept is subjective, meaning that it is a very personal thing that is based on feelings and different life experiences. When asked about what moods or feelings best described me the majority of the time, I received a roll of the eyes from my mother and laughter from my older sister. Their responses, which varied from cheerful and easily excited to temperamental, did not surprise me very much. However, what did surprise me was that they described me with terms that I hadn’t really thought too much about myself. I liked how my mother described me as a defender of animals, that was certainly an answer that I hadn’t been expecting. Another one that she surprised me with was that she described my social traits as friendly but cautious. I am most definitely cautious but I had never really thought of myself like that. Overall, I liked how both members of my immediate family were honest in talking about the good and bad things about myself. Their…

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  • The Concept Of Self-Disclosure

    coherent fashion while integrating thoughts and feelings (Pennebaker & Seagal, 1999). Studies suggest that when a person is able to integrate his thoughts and feelings, there is a sense of control he/she experiences which in turn means he/she is able to express what he/she goes through – trauma, situations where they experience emotional distress or situations where they experience joy. It might also be said that self-disclosure is therapeutic. While most studies look at self-disclosure as a…

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  • Importance Of Self-Concept

    When it comes to self-concept there are many views and perceptions that go deeper than just the outside of a person, according to McCornack,” Self-concept is your overall perception of who you are” (40). Self- concepts are about a person’s beliefs, attitudes, and values they have about themselves (McCornack, 40). In my paper I will be writing about how three topics relate to self-concept. Those topics will be self-fulfilling prophecies, the importance of online self-presentation, and…

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  • Self Concept In Communication

    specific aspects: self concept, self awareness, and self esteem. The first, self concept, “consists of your feelings, thoughts about your strengths and weaknesses, your abilities and limitations, and your aspirations and worldview” (54). Think about walking around in a big city surrounded by people. You watch the people as they live their lives around you, constantly judging and comparing yourself to them. This is you, comparing who you think you are, to someone else. In life, we are constantly…

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  • Self Concept Essay

    my childhood, I was not able to learn social skills with my peers because they were making fun of me about physical disability. Most people assumed that I could not be socialize with other people because they thought that I was a different from them. As I learned the concepts in social psychology class that I need to learn how to approach the peers because that is the one of the important ways to make friends and get along with them by finding common so that I should have been have fun with…

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  • Multidimensional Self Concept

    While the operationalization of self-concept as one-dimensional or multidimensional Develop turns into a state of contention, the lion 's share of ways to deal with the Self-concept in consumer buyer writing proposes a three-dimensional definition and in thus denies the original self of a person. For instance, Malhotra (1988, p.1-28) Claims the significance of a multidimensional point of view of self-concept, which especially consolidates the real, ideal, Engineering and Technology Publishing…

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  • Identity And Self Concept Essay

    Identity and Self-Concept When individuals look into a mirror, there is much more looking back besides just physical characteristics. As complex organisms, with high levels of thinking, feeling, and social functioning, humans have both unique, inherent traits, as well as unique life experiences. Both of these areas mold together into the development of one’s identity and self-concept. At no other time is the formulations of identity and self-concept more important than during the integral years…

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  • Positive Self Concept Of Yourself

    A positive self concept of yourself can make you see the world in a completely different way, it can make you realize that you put on a mask everyday and you hiding yourself from everyone. Self Concept is your overall perception of who you are, based on the beliefs, attitudes, and values, according to Steven McCornack . I dont think that people realize that they do have masks , they do change themselves to the way the world wants us to be. People have a way in deceiving themselves and by…

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  • Self-Concept Of My Mother

    Well, as we continue to speak about her upbringing you will begin to understand more about the forming of her self-concept. Thank God my mom had a mother and grandmother that cared about her and tried to protect her from her father. The entire time she lived at home was miserable. Her father wasn’t that bad on those rare occasions that he wasn’t drinking or drunk. He would beat on their mother in front of the five children, and sometimes he would hit the kids too. My mom’s father also verbally…

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  • Essay On Jim's Self Concept

    How would you describe Jim’s self-concept? From my point of view Jim is okay with his self-concept as being an average student, making Cs and sometimes Ds. He can obtain a college education, but he does not believe that he can maintain above average grades. “The first principle of changing self-concept is the most difficult and the most important” (Wood,2012, p. 53). He does believe in himself but he thinks his parent 's goals are unrealistic. “One of the most crippling kinds of self-talk we can…

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