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  • Haverfford Application Letter

    Dear Haverford's Office of Admission and Vice President Jess H. Lord, I am a waitlisted applicant for the class of 2021. I am writing this letter to express my continued and enthusiastic interest in Haverford College. The college is my first choice; its academics, faculty, and opportunities for growth are unparalleled. Those factors drew me to Haverford as soon as I began considering colleges. Haverford College's Quaker heritage instills values of peace, integrity, and equality— values that I too hold dear to my heart. The supportive community at Haverford is appealing to me as the focus is on learning, not competition. The academic rigor of Haverford interests me as well, for I place heavy importance on intellectual development and seek academic challenges inside and outside the classroom. This passion can be seen as I was recently named a valedictorian at my high school. Another facet of Haverford that intrigues me is the abundance of classes that are taught in a seminar style. Since submitting my application, I have continued to involve myself in extracurricular activities. As President of the Environmental Club, I recently wrote…

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  • Nyclsa Application Letter

    Dear NYSCLSA Student Board Members and Advisors, I would like to apply for the position of Student Board Member with the New York State Council on Leadership & Student Activities. I am actively involved within both my school and my community and would love to experience the gains that being a Student Board Member offers. In November of 2012, I attended my first NYSCLSA conference in Buffalo, New York. I was only eleven at the time, a bit shy, but eager to learn and soak in everything this…

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  • Medical Assistant Application Letter

    Dear Heart, I’ve began my journey to become a Medical Assistant, and today I started out with the Electrocardiography class. For years I knew you were important to me, but in only one class period I learned so many new things about you that in nineteen years I had no clue about! Today’s lesson taught me a few of the things you do in there for me, about how you pump blood for me, panic, and relax for me. Therefore, I plan to care for you for many years to come, by mostly taking things steady,…

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  • Cole Shotz Application Letter

    I am writing to apply for a permanent position at Cole Schotz P.C. in Hackensack, New Jersey. I am attracted to this position given Cole Schotz’s reputation as one of the major legal powers in the New Jersey/New York area. I am particularly interested in this place given my family’s geographical tie to the area. I admire Cole Schotz’s commitment to clients and its lawyers’ resilience in providing service 24/7. My professional experience and academic work would make me a good fit for Cole Schotz…

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  • National Honor Society Application Letter

    Dear National Honor Society Faculty Selection Committee, As a student that cares deeply about my academics, I am honored to be selected to be a potential member of National Honor Society. Being chosen for this prestigious association has always been a goal of mine because of the high standards I set for myself as a student, and a member of the community. In the procession of this letter, I hope to convince you of my ability to uphold all of the standards outlined in our application letter.…

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  • Legal Assistant Job Application Letter

    Dear Gary, I would like to express my interest and formally submit my application to be considered for the Legal Assistant position at Clēnera. While I have multiple years’ experience in the administrative field, the legal aspect of administrative work has always been of interest to me and has been on my list of career goals to achieve. I would like to seize this opportunity that has presented itself at Clēnera, which would afford me the opportunity to begin achieving this career goal. I…

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  • Example Of A Sports Illustrated Application Letter

    As an avid sports fan and sports journalism reader, Sports Illustrated represents the pinnacle of sports writing and information. I have been reading Sports Illustrated ever since I received my first Sports Illustrated for Kids and laid in bed for hours reading the magazine. I continue to read content on as part of my daily routine, and the articles and reporting on the site continues to motivate my love for sports journalism. I know that this company and this brand is something I would…

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  • Aspect-Oriented Secure Software Case Study

    Chapter : 5 Aspect-oriented Secure Software Modeling Object Oriented Programming (OOP) [1] uses encapsulation and abstraction through class that captures both functionality and behavior and internal structure. In the software system development, besides the basic functionality, there are another concerns as synchronization, distribution, logging, error handling, security management, etc. If each one of these concerns are processed independently from the remaining part of the system, the…

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  • The Importance Of Product Design On Wonders

    The art of product designing needs the skill of designing a product (just from a concept) that is beneficial to the inventor as well as the intended consumers. Product design is certainly not an easy task. It requires many skills as well as computer knowledge and, most importantly, creativity. Not everyone is skilled enough with the aesthetics – right? Besides, you also have to be knowledgeable about different software applications, especially CAD (computer-aided design), CAM (computer-aided…

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  • Chegg. Com Business Analysis

    Website When it comes to looking for e-businesses on the internet, there are thousands to choose from. I found there to be many different kinds of e-businesses. Some only meant for the internet, some that were e-businesses that also have locations that you can visit. Yet there are some that were originally brick and mortar type stores that opened an e-business version of their stores or became a primarily online e-business. Out of all the e-businesses I saw online, there…

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