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  • Successful Student Athlete

    The term student athlete brings the image of a football player or a student known to be a jock and arrogant, rather than the idea of a successful student on and off the field or court. Taking part in athletics while enrolled in school is known to be a rigorous responsibility, yet despite this many student-athletes accept the challenge and excel academically. As stated from an online source, roughly only 6.5% of high school football players will play at the collegiate level as and with percentages that low, it takes more than just being a good athlete to succeed (“Probability of Competing Beyond High School”). The blood curdling journey of being a student athlete takes being social and maintaining strong leadership, exceptional use of time management, and having a firm goal in mind to use as motivation. Student athletes tend to be known as the “social butterflies” of the schools, this is…

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  • Becoming A Successful Student

    How to be a Successful Student Becoming a successful student can be stressful and difficult to manage, as well as in the article “What makes a Successful Business Person,” by Murray Raphel, but with the help of previous experiences I had and some from the article you will be able to become one. I believe that a successful student should have motivation, have study habits, and time management. The first skill for a student to be successful is to have motivation for college. I believe that…

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  • Successful Tips For College Students

    With 168 hours in one week, the average amount of hours that a student should be in class is twelve hours and fifteen should be used studying. Many students go to college, but only 28% actually graduate from college. But why is that? Because they lack the determination and are not “focused”. Successful tips for undergraduates students include going to class, setting a schedule, making commitments, having mentors, not procrastinating, setting goals, being engaging, and taking tests well. With…

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  • Personal Narrative: How To Be A Successful Student

    These are some of the very few main ideas I plan on using to help me be successful and or get through the year at CBK. To be a successful student at CBK I feel it's mostly about time management since this schooling program is for students who want to succeed in life it's either succeed or fail to me because we get to choose to come and leave as we please. My idea to be successful is to attend as much schooling as I possibly can to speed up the process of learning more material CBK has to offer.…

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  • How To Be A Successful College Student Essay

    meals, maintaining hygiene, and socializing are all considered procrastination. Most freshman college students have a hard time coping with the move to college and the stress that comes with it. College is the next chapter of your life where you find out who you really are and what you want to do with your life. Juggling school work along with extracurricular activities can be challenging for many freshmen. How can a freshman college student be prosperous in their studies while maintaining a…

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  • Why Do Students Become Successful

    Students are being pushed too hard to be successful in their lives. Many students today are getting a limited percentage of sleep they need because students do not reach the level of having a good- night’s rest. Student’s lack of sleep is caused by stress or overwork of the student's mind which cause the student not go to sleep peacefully without thinking what needs to be done. Students push themselves too hard to be successful towards themselves because of their over-success parents are over…

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  • Qualities Of A Successful Online Student Essay

    “Characteristics of a Successful Online Student” As students, young and old decide to go back to college the dilemma is their faced with is do we use a classroom setting or do we go online? Back in the day learning was convenient and comfortable, but that was over twenty years ago, when I was in school. Being a single mother and just trying to manage going to work every day was a struggle for me, I couldn’t imagine going to college just seemed like a dream. When considering to further your…

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  • Secrets Of The Most Successful College Students Essay

    What are the three specific characteristics or habits that distinguish successful university writers from those less successful? 1.) Paul, Anne Murphy. “Secrets of the Most Successful College Students.” Time Magazine. 13 March 2013. Website. 8 October 2015. <>. The question is what are the secrets of most successful college students. The article I used was, “Secrets of the Most Successful College Students”…

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  • Process Essay: What Makes A Successful College Student

    What makes a college student successful? College students all around the world work hard to do what they do. They use techniques from other people to help them become successful. How do they have the time to focus and study in college? Students often tell me, “Once you get into college, it’s going to be difficult.” Yeah, it may be difficult for college students, but why not just work hard and preserve through it all? To be a successful college student, you have to challenge yourself in your…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Piano Teacher Makes A Successful Student

    Essentially, a good teacher creates a successful student. This teacher doesn’t have to be a formal instructor of the subject, and could be a youtube video, a song, whatever. As long as something is making sure you understand and are prepared for any upcoming tests of knowledge. My piano teacher was strange. She was a tall, rounded woman, who never smiled. If I had to describe her in physical adjectives, I would say she looks like Randall from Monsters Inc. She would saunter in, ready to make…

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