Process Essay: What Makes A Successful College Student

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What makes a college student successful? College students all around the world work hard to do what they do. They use techniques from other people to help them become successful. How do they have the time to focus and study in college? Students often tell me, “Once you get into college, it’s going to be difficult.” Yeah, it may be difficult for college students, but why not just work hard and preserve through it all? To be a successful college student, you have to challenge yourself in your studies. When you challenge yourself in college and succeed. It shows that you are motivated to work hard, and also that you’re determined to triumph. During the challenges you will have obstacles to overcome, you may have a negative mindset along the way. But you would have to keep thinking positively throughout everything. You might want to give up from time to time, but in the end everything will all be worth it. Don’t skip any of your classes, when you miss a day you might miss something important that your professor taught. You may think just getting the notes from other students may help, or thinking that the notes will give you the information you need, but it isn’t. You might think skipping the class would be a good idea, but you might miss 20% of the content that you’ll need on the test or quiz next week. It’s better to organize your …show more content…
It applies to an everyday lifestyle that you will need to adapt to. You may have the project due in life in the future, but we’ll never really know. What I know is that I have to work hard and focus on my future. What it means to me is not just wanting a diploma, but succeeding in life as well. Knowing that I need to work hard and face challenges I’m willing to accept in college. College means so much more than a diploma, it means that I’m going to have the knowledge to succeed at what I believe I could

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