Secrets Of The Most Successful College Students Essay

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What are the three specific characteristics or habits that distinguish successful university writers from those less successful?
1.) Paul, Anne Murphy. “Secrets of the Most Successful College Students.” Time Magazine. 13 March 2013. Website. 8 October 2015. <>. The question is what are the secrets of most successful college students. The article I used was, “Secrets of the Most Successful College Students” by Annie Murphy Paul. The answer is achieving a student’s aspirations and just not getting A’s, being ok with failure sometimes, being able to make a connection with the current subject the student is studying, asking important questions, and setting realistic goals and following through with them. The evidence is Stephen Colbert’s career he was in theatre and has fail many times, but has learned how to rebound from it, and improvise. The author could be in a disagreement with students saying that getting straight A’s
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The answer is knowing what resources are available on campus and using them, prioritizing, actively participating in class, get to know the professors, retaining all coursework that the student has used to help during college, and looking ahead into the future, making plans later in college and after a student graduates from college. The evidence includes statistics from Federal Government data in regards to graduation rates from four year colleges in 2012. The rates in public colleges were thirty- one percent and private colleges were fifty- two percent. The author would most likely argue with someone or students who disagrees that a student should have or develop habits to be successful in and throughout college, students who might say that it not important to schedule tasks to optimize their valuable time, and students who might be passive in their studies or participation in

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