The True Value Of School, By John Taylor Gatto

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The True Value of School
In today’s society, it is frowned upon for people not to attend college and all children are required to go to grade school until they are adults. In the journal entries; “America’s Most Overrated Product: The Bachelor’s Degree” written by Marty Nemko and “Against School” written by John Taylor Gatto the authors both discuss that educational paths should be different for different people because not everyone is the same or wants to pursue the same career paths. “Against School” argues that the current government mandated school system requires children to attend school and graduate with a high school diploma just as everyone else in their grade. This system is specified for only one group of people in mind, those who are attending college. There are millions of people who are skilled at building cars or doing hair and makeup and want to do that as a career path. These people are required to do the same work as a future college student is and the education that they are gaining from this will not benefit them in what their
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The author has also written four books relating to college and education. He used many reliable facts to allow the readers to trust his information as reliable and gives his argument a reason for the audience to consider. In the journal entry “Against School” the writer was a school teacher for thirty years giving the writer a strong background on the educational system. He was also awarded Teacher of the Year in New York and wrote for Harper’s Magazine. The author of “Against School” has background on his topic, however; he wrote his journal with less concrete facts and more personal opinions. This is what gave the writer of “America 's Most Overrated Product: The Bachelor 's Degree” a more credible journal on his opinion of

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