The Importance Of Attaining A Social Life In College

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College: when getting a full night’s sleep, cleaning your room, cooking meals, maintaining hygiene, and socializing are all considered procrastination. Most freshman college students have a hard time coping with the move to college and the stress that comes with it. College is the next chapter of your life where you find out who you really are and what you want to do with your life. Juggling school work along with extracurricular activities can be challenging for many freshmen. How can a freshman college student be prosperous in their studies while maintaining a social life in college?
To be a successful college student, you need to have strong time management skills. Chegg, a website on the internet, (2011) said “for every student, college
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Students do not need to spend their whole college career studying. There is a reason for the saying, “college is the best time of your life.” Prosperous students make it a point to get involved, whether it be by joining a sorority/fraternity, trying out for an intramural sports team or getting involved with an organization on campus. Getting involved in extracurricular activities on campus gives you the opportunity to create friendships that will last a lifetime. There are so many organizations and clubs found on campus that you are bound to find the right …show more content…
College is a culture shock because it is not anything like high school. You realize that you have no idea how to study when you get to college and it is s “wake-up call” when you get a bad grade on your first exam. I admit that I have had my share of breakdowns this semester, however, I have grasped onto the idea that one bad grade on a test is not the “end of the world” and that there is little I can do about it. It is difficult to do well in school if you are frequently stressed and having nervous breakdowns. To thrive in college, you need to know how to focus on your own positive achievements — rather than on the quiz you failed that only counts two percent of your grade. Successful students are not apprehensive to find out how everyone else did on that assignment. Within any given assignment, there will always be people who did better than you and people who did worse than you. Why stress about the grade you received on an assignment if there is not anything you can do about

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