Process Essay: How To Be Successful In College

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Students attend college with the hopes of becoming successful, ultimately to become successful in their future careers. But, more importantly to be successful in their college journey. Many articles, books and several different sources have spoken about what they believe to be the ways to college success. In these articles the main suggestions to be successful in college were students attending classes regularly, being organized, taking notes and by creating study groups. Also, explaining 7 steps to be successful while attending community college. While merely pointing out that in order to be successful it takes time, interest and a lot of hard work. Attending college is crucial to ones future. Being successful in life, starts with a student being successful in college. It ultimately shapes their future decisions, purpose and personal choices.
Being successful in college doesn’t come easy. It will take time, interest and a lot of hard work. Mark Rowth, the author of “Strengthening Academic Survival Skills” he signifies the importance of being an active student. An active student attends classes regularly,
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If students want to be successful, become the type of learner you were meant to be. Attending classes early, staying organized, forming study groups and taking notes are just a few ways learners can help themselves be successful during college. Another way students can be successful in college. Is as adjusting student’s time schedules. Whether that be with work, or limiting the amount of classes they take. Studying, reading as much as possible and really focusing on your listening skills are key factors in becoming successful in college. When students apply themselves to their education. They will be successful in college, and later in life. Who they are in college, helps shape who they are going to be in their career, in their life and their

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