College Success Skills Essay

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College Success Skills #2 At the beginning of this semester, my main goal was to work on my habit of procrastination. I wanted to manage my time better with the use of a planner and make myself sit down and do my homework or study ahead of time so that I wouldn’t be as stressed out and could have time to have fun with friends without worrying about an assignment or test. At first I was doing an okay job, but soon I found myself falling back into my old habits. For the first few weeks of college I was working hard on managing my time between school, golf, and friends. I was keeping up with assignments and studying for tests ahead of time. As the weeks went by, I was participating in more golf meets and I started to fall a little bit behind. …show more content…
Instead of using my free time after classes to do homework and get ahead, I would watch netflix, go out with friends, or just surf the web instead. The lure of binge watching my favorite shows, spending time with my friends, and technology was enough to sway me from my studies. I had no drive to try and get work done. Another challenge I came across in my transition to college was the temptation to skip classes. Many professors don’t take attendance, or don’t punish students if they miss class, so it’s easy to say “I’m not really feeling it today” and skip. For a time I was skipping my eight AM Anatomy class once or twice a week because I wanted to sleep in. After a few weeks of that and a failed test I realized how much I was hurting my education and quit skipping class cold turkey.
Thanksgiving break then rolled around and I realized I needed to kick it into high gear since I only had three weeks left in the semester, one of which was all finals. Since that break I’ve been better about getting things done on time. I’m starting assignments days before they’re due and working on them so that I’m not working on them at two o’clock in the morning the day before it’s due. I’m studying more than a day in advance as well, which has helped my test, assignment, and quiz scores in the last week or

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