The College Fear Factor Analysis

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College Anxiety: Can I do this?

In the novel The College Fear Factor: How Students and Professors Misunderstand One Another by Rebecca D. Cox, the author argues to reclassify how the framework is organized, and how classes are instructed to better address the issues of those understudies who, 20 or 30 years back, never would have even pondered formal training after secondary school. Not only does Rebecca Cox this she also tries to reminds students that while understudy readiness is critical, more consideration should be coordinated toward what is esteemed in the domains of school instructing and school learning if genuine advance is to be made in understudy scholastic accomplishment. My experience at OCC complicates this because not all community
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The stress is usually from class assignments, homework, maybe even family issues that tends to initiate to college phobia, also known as scolionophobia. Rebecca gives a prime example from her book " Carlos was worried about submitting essays in composition class 'because of the fear and because I didn't know exactly what [the teacher] wanted'. Looking back Carlos explained how his fears initially paralyzed him, making his course work more difficult..." (page 29). I understand how Carlos feels, but he shouldn't give up. College students should stay organized, study, turn assignments in on time, focus, and open their mind to a new way of learning. Also, build a professional relationship with their professor; let them know when they are struggling, ask them questions, find out how they can improve, and be open with them. Professors are altogether different from the instructors in secondary school. Professors are not really students' companions, but rather by level of the education procedure, everybody is a grown-up. Students and professors should have a shared respect relationship for each other. The students who display inspiration to learn, consider class important, and endeavor to succeed are as of now demonstrating admiration to the teacher through their activities. Furthermore, these routines can help lead the student to do well in class. When it comes to something like this I would take a deep breathe a talk to someone like my counselor, or professor to ease my stress which helped me. I didn't give up I got my advice and did the best I can to succeed. Fear can cause stress but students should overcome the obstacles to proceed with their

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