The Diverse Destiny

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Defining the Goal:
The process of deciding what should I do for this project was a struggle for me, for the reasons that I have numerous things that I didn’t get a chance to explore and do. For instance, design and make a dress by myself, write a piece of piano music, make a traditional Chinese food recipe, etc. Every single idea was developed from my passions, however when I reflected on which one is the most passionate about, I found that art, such as drawing, painting is what I really liked to do. Therefore, I decided to draw something. However for this project I didn’t want to focus on the techniques and skills of the drawing, instead I wanted to draw something that is meaningful, that is telling or presenting a message. That’s when I
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According to IB, the definition of “Fairness and Development” context include students exploring rights and responsibilities; the relationship between communities; sharing finite resources with other people and with other living things; access to equal opportunities; peace and conflict resolution. For my project, I am going to explore and compare the differences between communities, which leads to access to equal opportunities surrounding by the question “ Everyone was born the same way, but why some lives better than others?” This is why I named my project “The Diverse Destiny”. Therefore I think that “Fairness and Development” is the most suitable global context for my …show more content…
Not only I need to research about these people lives, I also have to research and pay attention to the lives I am currently living. Daily life includes a lot of things, such as what food they eat, what transportation do they use, what do they learn at school, etc. Some of these information could be found online, and it could be found in documentary, and such. Other than this point, I also need to research about the reasons behind why these people are living in a circular cycle of poverty and why they still can’t get through these challenges. By researching about these topics, it provides me a better and thoroughly understanding about what these children’s lives are like, and this could provide me inspiration to create the art pieces latter on. As stated before, I have used a variety of sources that includes documentary, films, websites, etc. Some of the major sources I used are official websites of organization that helps theses people, such one called Beautiful China (美丽中国). More specific research can be found in my Process Journal Extracts, which can be found in Appendix B. After I finished all my research, I cited them according to the MLA convention in the “Work Cited” part of this project

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