Personal Essay: The Importance Of Diversity In The World

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During our lives, we are always taught that diversity is important. However, often we are never taught what diversity is and why it is important. Often, people think of diversity as different skin colors, different ethnicities. To me, diversity means different opinions, different values, and different cultures, not just skin color. If everyone thinks the same and does the same thing, no progress would ever be made. Diversity should be at the very least be a respect of differences among people, allowing for all to have their voices heard. Diversity is an important practice for mankind, as our differences makes the world go round and makes us who we are. Growing up, I always faced opposition from others because I was not “Mexican enough,” …show more content…
While it is true that diversity is a group of various races, it is also a collection of different beliefs and opinions. Neither progress nor change can be made in the world if every person believes the same thing, if everyone follows the status quo. Once we can overcome differences of beliefs and do something about discrimination, the world becomes a better place and provides more opportunities for all. For example, the Founding Fathers left England because of the lack of freedoms- everyone was expected to follow strict and specific rules. In other words, diversity of opinions was not allowed. They knew that something had to be done, and they revolted against their government, later establishing a new country where people could have different opinions and not be persecuted for them. Of course, the practice of diversity can be done on a much smaller scale. This means respecting all races, beliefs, and values as long as the beliefs do not bring harm to others. Even when we disagree with others, we must respect their opinions as it is a great aspect of diversity. When we do not allow for others to speak their minds on issues and hold their own beliefs, we are not allowing for the true form of diversity to be practiced, and in turn this inhibits the growth of

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