Mobile Phones: The Negative Effects Of Cell Phone Addiction

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“The average person spends 97 minutes a day texting, 118 minutes searching the Internet, 41 minutes on Facebook, 49 minutes e-mailing, and 51 minutes talking on their cell phone” (Junco & Cotton 2012). The accessibility to information and communication justifies the amount of time people are spending on their phones to a certain extent. Individuals with regular cell phones do not have an easy access to Internet and social media; the statistics involving smart phones are more relevant to this topic. Sixty-eight percent of adults own a smartphone (Mediaiti). Although cell phones have made aspects of life much easier, they have become an accepted addiction with severe side effects. This addiction will cause depression, physical deterioration, a lack of social skills, and other negative effects if the users do not take the right precautions.
84% of cell phones users admit they couldn’t go a day without using their phone (Duerson). With this statistic and the
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With effects like cancer, eyestrain, and headaches humans should take a step back and look at how much they value being addicted to their phone and the value of a healthy body. Concerning mental health affected individuals will have to deal with anxiety on a daily basis as well as depression in severe cases. Socially, there will be a major issue when individuals want solid friendships and companionship. Without much needed social capital loneliness will start to be a constant feeling as relationships become very shallow. Society needs to realize that although cell phones have infinite potential for making life easier, they are still extremely addictive devices. After having a clear perception of the addiction everyone should determine which techniques help overcome addiction best. Whether you do what is suggested in this paper or try something found from another source everyone needs to work together in order to prevent cell phone

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