How Do Cell Phones Affect Our Lives

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Cell Phones Are Severely Affecting Our Lives
Portable devices such as smartphones, tablets, or iPods cause tons of problems in modern day society. Social media judges my generation harshly and it makes people feel bad about themselves. It also gives us problems in our lives, like fighting with friends, giving us distractions, and/or causing health problems.
Think about it, when you go to bed, do you play around on your phone until you fall asleep? Admit it, you have done this more than once. It has been tested that if you are on your phone before you go to bed, sleepiness increases throughout the day. It has also been proven that people using a sleep aid, such as an app with music or calming sounds, have later bedtimes than people who go to sleep naturally. When you play on your phone at night, the light is bright enough to make your brain think a light is on, which makes you stay awake even longer then you had planned on (Electronics in Bedroom).
Some negative effects on teens may be obesity, aggression, sleep problems, and potential mental health problems. You can be at risk for diabetes, heart disease, and arthritis (Roberts). Kids who play videogames on their phones such as Grand Theft
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Teachers have to fight kids to put them down just so they can focus on what is going on in the classroom. Kids who normally take notes are now playing games on their phone and failing their classes. It is shown that kids who use laptops in class score 11% lower on tests and quizzes. They showed that the laptop interfered with the students learning and ability to comprehend, therefore they scored lower on tests than the students who took notes with pencil/pen and paper (Devices in Class). Using computers, students may be allowed to click on and/or find inappropriate content that should not be in schools. Some students may find a loophole to the blocked websites he school has restricted for a reason (Digital Devices in

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